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Welcome to ridersturf.com, your staple source of information for all things motorcycle. 

Initially founded by Mark Mayers, ridersturf.com is backed by a team of passionate riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. While some people may call it an obsession, we call it a heck of a lot of fun. 

Our goal is to develop a blog site that offers friendly, helpful, and useful motorcycle content inspired by our real-world motorcycling experiences.  We hope to help both new and current riders make safe and informed decisions about their gear, riding safety, style, and overall, two-wheel riding experience. 

We want the world to discover the joys of motorcycling through our informative articles that aim to help new enthusiasts to get into this awesome outdoor sport as well as inspire motorcycle riders to get out more. 

Our team takes pride in conducting extensive hands-on reviews of motorcycle gears, accessories, and safety equipment. From the protective gear, nifty how-to guides, and insights to the latest trends in the motorcycling industry, our team is committed to providing honest, informative, and entertaining digital content.  

With hundreds of motorcycle blogs on the web, we know it takes a lot of hard work to provide great content. That’s why our small but passionate team works passionately to deliver quality and enjoyable motorcycle reviews and contents that our readers will enjoy and learn from, and keep them coming back for more. 

Whether you are looking for reviews of motorcycles or gears, how-to’s, information and guides on motorcycling safety and trends, or you want a little bit of entertainment that showcases the best of the online motorcycle community to pass your time, at ridersturf.com we’ve got you covered. 

We hope you have a unique experience visiting our blog. You can connect with us on social media: Pinterest, Twitter.

The Riders Turf Team 

Looking for a one-stop resource that gives all the information that you need about the motorcycling world? You’ve come to the right place! Meet the ridersturf.com team. 

Mark MayersMark Mayers (Founder of ridersturf.com)

Growing up into the world of two wheels, Mark Mayers has since embraced motorcycling as a lifestyle. This led him to develop a blog site that aims to provide insightful content and reviews on all things motorcycles, gears, and apparel. Through his work at ridersturf.com, he wants to share the pleasures of motorcycling into the world. Besides riding his bike, Mike enjoys scuba diving and spending time with family and friends. 




Charles Mariotti (Motorcycle Mechanic)

Charles came to motorcycling in his mid 20’s, getting his first street bike in 1993. When not writing or riding his bike, Charles works as a Heavy Duty Mechanic for a large motorcycle dealership. He is also passionate about photography and owns a Persian cat named Rider. 





Daniel Cole (Motorcycle Enthusiast)


Daniel has discovered the great big world of motorcycles pretty much since he has learned to talk, growing up with a dad who loves everything motorcycling. As an avid motorcyclist, Daniel brings a young, zealous enthusiasm to the digital pages of ridersturf.com. Freelance writing is Daniel’s full-time job, and his variety of clients include small businesses, websites, and magazines. 



Timothy Harrill (Adventurer & Thrill Seeker)


“Being able to jump on my bike and putting the laws of physics to the test is something that always leaves me feeling enthused.” Timothy fell in love with motorcycles at age 14 and has owned and ridden many different bikes over the last two decades. While he describes himself as an adventure rider, he takes riding safety seriously and wants to set a good example for others.