Dirt Bikes for 6 Year-Olds: Ultimate Guide To Picking a Bike

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When it comes to dirt bike riding, there’s no such thing as starting your child too early. There are plenty of dirt bike options for children as young as six years old.

Here are the best dirt bikes for 6-year-olds:

  • Yamaha 6-Volt Motorcycle
  • KTM 50 SX Mini
  • Kuberg Young Rider Trial E
  • Yamaha TT-R50E
  • Aosom 6V Kids Electric Motocross Bike
  • Yamaha PW50

Yamaha 6-Volt Motorcycle

This is a one-speed forward motorcycle with a top speed of 2.5 mph. The structure is mostly made of plastic to make it lightweight and bearable for a child, but it has a metal frame for added durability and structure.

The 6-volt engine can be fully-charged within eighteen hours and has a run time of two to three hours. It also comes with a pair of training wheels so it’s perfect for beginner riders. The package comes with disassembled parts that you have to build yourself. The total setup time only takes thirty minutes. The bike weighs 28.66 lbs and its dimensions (LxWxH) are 26.38 x 12.80 x 19.49 inches.

Numerous customer reviews say this dirt bike is smaller than most dirt bikes, so only go for this if your child is on the smaller side.

KTM 50 SX Mini

KTM is a staple in the world of dirt bikes because they’re renowned for its durable and reliable models. Right off the bat, this is a good and safe model for six-year-olds because of the automatic clutch and transmission system. These things make control and acceleration effortless so that your child can focus on his environment and steering the bike instead of spending too much time on the technicalities.

The best part is that the automatic clutch system is completely adjustable using the patented “KTM clicker system.” This tailor fits the riding experience to the user in the best possible way.

Another efficient feature is the presence of front and rear brakes. These brakes effectively stop the bike at any instant. Stopping is essential for your child to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. These brakes have an automatic self-cleaning feature that makes maintenance easy. This also promotes the brakes’ longevity by reducing the chances of corrosion and breakage.

There’s also a power reduction kit that you can use to reduce the power of the dirt bike. This is applicable if your child is uncomfortable with a super powerful ride. Any six-year-old will need to gradually transition in the world of competitive dirt bike riding. This kit can be installed to reduce the engine power by up to seventy percent. You can gradually increase the bike’s power to match your child’s skill level.

Kuberg Young Rider Trial E

This is a great introductory bike for off-road riding. It has a 36V engine powered at 750W. The engine is powered by 9Ah SLA batteries and runs on a clutchless, one-speed transmission. You can simply recharge the batteries through 110V or 220V sockets and then get up to two hours of continuous riding.

The size is perfect for small riders, with a seat height of 18.5 inches and a wheelbase of 25 inches. The tires are 16×2.4” KENA and the entire bike only weighs 66 pounds with a 220-pound (100 kg) carrying capacity.

One of the main reasons why this stands out from the rest is the product’s safety features. It has a durable and sturdy build so it can withstand even the roughest of trails. It has a speed dial control and other safety features that ensure that the bike speed is actually at par with the rider’s skill level. That means that this won’t accelerate to a dangerous level that your child will be unable to handle.

Another safety feature is the safety kill switch. The key is attached to the wrist of the rider. When he falls off, this pulls out the key and automatically shuts down the motorcycle. This prevents the rider from getting dragged by a running dirt bike.

Yamaha TT-R50E

This is one of the newer and more impressive dirt bike options on the market. It’s straightforward with a push-start electric engine and a three-speed option. It comes with an automatic transmission so it’s easy to maneuver. The air-cooled, 50cc, 2-valve, 4-stroke engine delivers a smooth performance even on rough trails. It has a reliable build that is particularly helpful for dirt bike newbies. The best feature about this is its ease of use. It can be used both for learning and for playing. It helps beat the learning curve at an impressive rate so that your child can jump right into learning how to dirt bike ride.

This has a low seat height of only 21.9 inches. It comes with a compact engine so that the seat stays narrow and comfortable to ride, especially for 6-year-olds who naturally have short legs. The narrow build makes it easier for young riders to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground so that they can stabilize themselves.

Maintenance is a breeze when it comes to this bike. Both the intake and exhaust valves exhibit a special carbon cutter shape that effectively facilitates the release of exhaust gases. This also automatically removes carbon build-up, which is known to negatively affect the valve stems which causes sticky valves and poor performance. Through this automatic self-maintaining feature, the dirt bike retains maximum engine efficiency and power. There’s also an automatic ratchet-type chain adjuster so that it remains at the optimal tightness at all times. Even the air filter is made of washable foam so that you don’t have to spend extra just to purchase brand-new air filters.

Aside from making maintenance effortless for you, these features also reduce tune-up costs and eliminate chances of engine noises.

The whole bike is also riddled with heat shields to prevent your child from getting burned.

Aosom 6V Kids Electric Motocross Bike

This is an unfamiliar brand yet completely competent when it comes to creating dirt bikes for children. This is also one of the cheapest bikes on the market. One unit only costs one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

This is a completely safe dirt bike. The top speed is still very low so that your child won’t severely harm himself in case he falls off or rams into a wall. The 2.5-mph top speed is perfect as an introductory dirt bike for newbies. There are even training wheels to help your child get acclimated to dirt bike riding. Another safety feature is the bike’s lightweight build. It only weighs a total of 17.6 pounds so it won’t crush your child when it falls over. He can also prop it up himself in case of a fall.

This bike has a maximum weight capacity of fifty-five pounds so you can expect your child to outgrow this quickly. This is perfect for children who are on the smaller side of age six.

Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha PW50 is a good investment if you’re set on pursuing a professional track for your kid. This costs $1,500 and is relatively cheap compared to the other models that have similar features.

This unit was built with safety in mind. The first safety feature is the adjustable throttle restrictor. This ensures that the young rider won’t drive at a speed he can’t handle. You can adjust just how far the throttle goes so that it won’t hit the max speed. You can simply adjust this accordingly to match the skill level of the child. The adjustability also ensures that your child won’t outgrow this quickly.

The next safety feature is the grippy foot peg. This allows the child to maintain their balance while riding. The grippy texture helps keep the feet firmly in place so that the bike stays upright.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different dirt bike options available for kids, with a wide price range. Each model has its share of striking features that can help your child improve their riding skills. Picking a dirt bike for a six-year-old shouldn’t be done hastily. The first tip is to purchase a bike with features that match your child’s skill levels. There’s no sense in overpaying for a loaded bike when your child is a newbie rider who might lose interest at any moment.

The next tip is to buy physically if you can. Much of your child’s safety and comfort will come from how well their height matches the seat height of the dirt bike. Make them hop on the bikes and check if at least a third of their feet are in contact with the ground. This means that their feet should neither be flat nor on tiptoes for optimal results.