Dirt Bikes for 10 Year-Olds: Ultimate Guide To Picking a Bike

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When your child hits age ten, you might want to consider investing in a legitimate dirt bike for your child so that he can have more fun and hone his riding skills. It’s important to get something that matches their physical features and skill levels.

Some of the best dirt bike recommendations for 10-year-olds include 2018 Yamaha TT-R110E, 2017 Honda CRF110F, Kawasaki KLX110, KTM 65SX, Husqvarna TC65, Kawasaki KX65, 2016 Oset 20.0 Racing, GasGas Trial, and Kuberg Trial Hero Electric Dirt Bike.

There are so many makes and models available. When picking a dirt bike, it’s important to consider the type of dirt bike that will suit your child. This depends on his dirt bike trails and experience levels.

Types Of Dirt Bikes

Trail Dirt Bikes

This type of dirt bike usually has an air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. It has a softer suspension which accounts for its generally milder trails. It’s very comfortable to ride, especially when you factor in the good traction. Most trail dirt bikes have push-start electric engines. They have smaller wheels so it’s a shorter diameter and a lower seat height, perfect for the smaller 10-year-olds.

Motocross Dirt Bikes

Motocross dirt bikes are built for professional motocross tracks. These tracks are usually made of sand and have sharper turns. To account for that, motocross bikes have narrower wheels for easier turns as well as a more powerful engine to smoothly traverse over sandy trails. Motocross dirt bikes also have a larger frame as well as a stiffer suspension. The suspension should be better to handle the tough bounces of a typical motocross track. This is the best option if your child is well-versed in professional racing. Its more powerful engine means that it can go faster and can handle rougher terrains.

Trials Dirt Bike

This is often confused with trail dirt bikes, but they’re very different. This type is the slowest of them all as it’s designed for beginners. These bikes are designed for trail events that have very technical terrains. These tracks are usually short so the gas tank is small, just enough for a short trip.

Go for this if your child is a complete beginner and you want to teach him the basics of going over obstacles, like a log or a huge rock.

Dirt Bike Recommendations

Trail Dirt Bikes

  1. 2018 Yamaha TT-R110E

This is the perfect trail dirt bikes for bigger ten-year-olds. Even adults with smaller frames can enjoy this model. It has an air-cooled, 110cc, 2-valve, and 4-stroke engine. As a result of these features, it produces smooth and reliable power.

Another reason why this is perfect for 10-year-olds is the mid-size frame. The frame is made of a backbone-type structure and a compact wheelbase. The low seat height of only 26.4 inches is easily accessible by 10-year-olds. The electric push-start button also makes it easy to kickstart. Another convenient feature is the four-speed auto-clutch transmission that can easily handle any terrain. This is perfect for your child because it eases beginners into shifting without the complications of having a hand-operated clutch.

  1. 2017 Honda CRF110F

This is a good option for kids because of its approachable price and general reliability. This is a step-up from its previous installment because of the automatic clutch, higher seat height to cater to taller kids, larger wheels, twice the displacement, and better suspension.

One unique feature is the uneven bike wheels. The front measures 14 inches in diameter while the rear only measures 12 inches. Its fork has up to 4 inches of travel.

This bike feels heavier than the other models in the same category. Some children might find it overwhelming but the heavier weight gives it a sturdier feel so that your child can drive with confidence. It may take your child some time to learn how to combat tip-overs and to stay upright at all times.

This also comes with 12mm carbs that you can tinker with to get the correct fuel jet emissions that will give your child the power he needs. Maintenance may be a bit challenging, but it’s worth it in the end when your child ends up with a ride that’s perfectly attuned to his needs. This

  1. Kawasaki KLX110

This beginner bike is perfect for smaller kids. It has an automatic clutch so it’s easy to use, especially for beginners. The low 26.8-inch seat height is just right for most 10-year-olds. There’s plenty of torque so this has a powerful engine that can traverse all sorts of landscapes, from sandy trails to uphill riding.

This is a four-speed bike so your child has some options as to how fast he wants to go. Obviously, as a beginner, you might want to limit the speed setting to the slowest one possible. Gradually increase the speed to match his skill level. This bike also has notably smaller wheels, capable of making sharp turns while being comfortable enough to ride for longer distances.

This bike is an excellent choice primarily because of its agility. It’s very capable of doing sharp corners and can even handle small jumps due to the decent suspension. There are also drum brakes and a hand-twist throttle to better control the speed.

Motocross Dirt Bikes

  1. KTM 65SX

This is a great modern option for 10-year-olds. It has a 2-stroke engine that efficiently generates power to propel the bike. It comes with a hydraulic clutch for better control. There’s also a 6-speed transmission that your child can effortlessly shift between. This engine is world-class and powerful.

Even the frame is notable. The lightweight structure helps the rider perform better. Most of its mainframe is made of lightweight yet very durable steel chrome. It’s easy to maneuver and perfectly capable of making the sharpest turns. There are also aluminum alloy handlebars that are slightly raised for the rider’s comfort. The grip is tapered to ensure safety and full control. Overall, the bike looks impressive and badass.

  1. Husqvarna TC65

This is a highly competitive model designed for serious motocross riding for kids. The engine is powerful yet lightweight. It runs on a hydraulic system, from the engine to the clutches. All of the pressure points in riding remain the same despite the temperature or weather conditions so this is ideal for smaller, beginner riders.

The entire build is largely made up of Chromoly steel frame and aluminum. The result is a compact bike model that’s agile and lightweight, hence more manageable by children.

This unit comes with hydraulic brakes, both on the front and the rear tires. The dual brakes make it easier for your child to stop when necessary, which then assures his safety. There’s an air springing on the bike’s left leg that you can completely adjust to your preferences so that the bike becomes a perfect fit for your child, regardless of his weight. That means you can also keep on adjusting and updating this model as your child grows up. That eliminates the need to buy a new bike every year.

The best part of this model is how little to no maintenance is required to keep it in top shape. This is fitted with a cooling system that evenly distributes heat exhausts and ensures that the bike remains cool at all times, hence minimizing the risk of burns or general discomfort. This is a reliable bike that your 10-year-old will surely enjoy, both for casual riding or competitive motocross events.

  1. Kawasaki KX65

This model is best if you want a race-ready bike. This is advisable for kids who are more experienced in the field of dirt bike riding. Its machine is specifically engineered for competitive atmospheres. The main features of this bike include the six-speed transmission, superb handling, and incredible brake systems.

The engine is not your average dirt bike for kids. It’s a liquid-cooled engine that’s 2-stroke and 65cc. Despite its more powerful performance compared to other engines, this still managed to stay lightweight to keep the bike’s build small and agile. There are also 33mm front forks as well as a four-way rebound damping. These features result in an engine that can handle even the most challenging terrains out there.

The Kawasaki KX65 has a seat height of 29.9 inches, perfect for slightly taller 10-year-olds. The dual front and rear brakes will give your child superior stopping control. This also features a high tensile tubular steel frame that’s durable and lightweight.

Trials Dirt Bike

  1. 2016 Oset 20.0 Racing

This is one of the most powerful electric bike models in the market. It runs on a 48V battery which means that it can last for two to three hours of nonstop riding. The riding duration still depends on the size of the rider as well as the driving speed. You can recharge the batteries by simply plugging in the accompanying wall charger, which takes up four hours on average.

This bike allows you to adjust the rider settings, from speed, response, or power. Speed refers to how fast the bike goes. Response refers to a response similar to an average motorcycle’s rpm in which it determines how fast the throttle will react. Power refers to this bike’s version of torque adjustment.

There are front and rare brakes for added security for your child. There’s also a twistable throttle that allows the rider to make the necessary adjustments for the speed. One unique feature is the direct-drive feature. This means that the bike automatically converts electrical energy into something that powers the engine. As such, there’s no clutch, shift, or transmission.

  1. GasGas Trial

This is a great choice because it’s one of the lightest models in the market. The main attraction is the brand-new and progressive linkage design that improved the overall performance, power, and suspension of the bike.

This is a good bike model if you wish to push your child’s professional riding career. The engine is capable of producing so much power without sacrificing the torque. The overall design and responsiveness make this a nimble model. You also get the low-end power to maneuver the bike accordingly, whether it be over rocky trails, a challenging uphill climb, or when avoiding any obstacle on the road.

Even the clutches are high-end, with upgraded Kevlar plates that are incredibly durable and responsive. These clutches don’t slip and fail even under heavy loads.

  1. Kuberg Trial Hero

This bike for kids is made of the best materials that this company has to offer, hence ensuring a safe and reliable riding experience. This is designed to be lightweight yet durable, hence making it perfectly capable of going over the roughest of trails. This is recommended for kids who engage in professional and competitive riding but there’s wiggle room for amateurs to use this to get started with dirt bike riding.

One feature that sets this apart from other electric dirt bikes in the same price range is the presence of mobile phone connectivity. You can manually adjust the speed settings and tweak other features through its accompanying mobile app. In this manner, you can monitor your child’s speed settings and make sure he’s not working with something he can’t handle.

The main downside to this bike is the lack of display, which makes sense since you can moderate most of its settings through the mobile app.

This bike runs on a 9Ah Kuberg powerpack and can go for two hours straight. It takes six hours to charge it. The powerful battery explains the top speed of 17mph. You can even adjust the suspension to ensure the rider’s comfort and to make the bike competent enough to tackle any kind of terrain.