Best Cruisers For Tall Riders

tall man on cruiser

There are recommended motorcycle models for every person’s height.

Tall riders have longer legs and elongated torsos compared to average height riders. This affects their compatibility with some motorcycle models. The best cruiser models for tall riders include:

  • Honda Fury
  • Harley-Davidson Breakout
  • Ducati Diavel
  • BMW R1200RT
  • Triumph Bonneville T100
  • Indian Chief Vintage
  • Victory Judge

There are many good options for tall riders that range from classics to modern releases. They also come in a wide price range so there’s an option for every tall rider.

List of The Best Cruisers For Taller Riders

Honda Fury

This model is manufactured both by American and Japanese engineers so its build got the best of both worlds. This is one of the most affordable and competent choppers in the market. It has a 1,312-CC and 52-degree V-Twin engine with dual balancers and a single-pin crankshaft. As a result, it has a powerful engine with a unique sound.

Its first models were created in 2010 but there were newer releases through the years with impressive technological upgrades, like the presence of digital ignition and two sparks per cylinder. The Honda Fury also has programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) with automatic enricher circuit that powers up the 38mm throttle perfectly.

The motorcycle model is great for tall riders because of the 32-degree caster angle, 3.6 inches of trail, 71.2 inches for the wheelbase, and 26.9 inches for the seat height.

Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 ($20,499)

This model was first released in 2013 and its newest 2023 version is as impressive as ever. The Breakout 114 has 119 torque at 3000 rpm, a 1868-CC engine, and 6 different levels for the transmission. This motorcycle is powerful and impressive on the road.

Some of its other impressive features include the gloss black cast aluminum wheels, 2×2 staggered exhausts, and riser-mounted digital gauge for easier monitoring.

The dimensions of the Harley-Davidson Breakout make it perfect for tall riders. It has a 66.7-inch wheelbase, 34-degree rake, 26.2-inch seat height, and 5.7-inch trail. Your spine, knees, and elbows need not be bent at uncomfortable angles while riding this because it has sufficient room to cater to long legs and stretched torsos.

Ducati Diavel

This model from Ducati is an Italian-engineered cruiser with an outlandish and powerful build. It has a 1262-CC, 152-hp, and 93 lb-ft engine that delivers powerful torque even at low speed levels.

This is perfect for tall riders because of its low, long, and forward-positioned foot pegs. There is sufficient stretch space for long legs and elongated torsos because of the stretched position. The seat height that measures 29.7 inches is good for long-legged riders.

BMW R1200 RT

This powerful model features a 1170-CC, six-level transmission, and flat-twin engine. It also comes with 89 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. This model has a unique and patented variable camshaft control system named BMW ShiftCam. This ensures a reliable and consistent transmission of power. This enables the rider to perform tricks and gives a smooth riding experience.

The dimensions of this motorcycle are perfect for tall riders, with its 26.4-degree rake, 4.6-inch trail, and 58.5-inch wheelbase. Even the seat height is conveniently adjustable. You can set it at low seat height of 30.7 to 31.5 inches or high seat height of 32.3 to 33.1 inches.

Triumph Bonneville T100 ($10,450)

This model is part of the Modern Classics line of the company, which is apparent in the classic design coupled with a modern engine build. This is not as bulky as the aforementioned as its engine is only 900 CC. Its engine is also only at 61 horsepower, 59 lb-ft torque, and a 5-speed gearbox transmission along with it.

Despite the weaker engine and smaller build, this is still an acceptable model for taller riders because of the 30.5-inch seat height and 59.1-inch wheelbase.

Indian Chief Vintage

The Indian Chief Classic model has classic features – a classic fairing design, premium chrome plating on exhausts, and vintage fenders. The whole aesthetic is reminiscent of 1950s models but the engine isn’t.

The lightweight frame and powerful engine resulted in a speedy motorcycle model. It has a powerful Thunderstroke 111 engine with 119 lb-ft torque at low speeds. There are also modern features on the motorcycle like the superb stereo system, integration of Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connection, and a digital display for effortless data feedback and monitoring.

This is a good motorcycle model for tall riders because of its dimensions which include a 26-inch seat height, 25-degree rake, 31-degree lean angle, and 16-inch wheels. These dimensions have sufficient room for stretched legs and elongated torsos. The lean angle is also perfect for long torsos as you can comfortably lean forward and be able to drive comfortably for hours on end.

Victory Judge

This cruiser doesn’t strictly follow the traditional motorcycle designs. It has unique parts like number-plate-style side covers, very thick tires, and a standard riding angle. Despite these deviations, users report that it’s still a pleasure to ride. It affords a laid-back riding angle and gives you 3.75 inches more pullback as well as 4 inches forward over the riding pegs.  

The unique yet comfortable structure is paired with a powerful 1731-cc engine and a 4.7-gallon fuel capacity. This is ideal for tall riders because of the 25.9-inch seat height.  

Final Thoughts

Your height plays a huge role in determining your comfort levels as you ride motorcycles. If you’re a tall rider, then you don’t have to settle for low-hanging cruisers. Instead, pick one of the aforementioned to have a comfortable riding experience.