Dirt Bikes for an 7 Year-Old Kid: A Complete Guide

smiling boy dirt bike

Dirt bike riding is a fun outdoor activity for any 7-year-old. For them to fully enjoy the experience, they need the correct dirt bike models that match their tiny frames.

It’s recommended to start with a 50cc engine for beginner riders. If your child is on the larger end of his age, you can go for a 90cc engine dirt bike. The top-recommended dirt bike models for 7-year-olds include Burromax TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids, MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike, and Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

There are numerous dirt bike makes and models that you can choose from. It’s important to consider the sizing and accessories to ensure your child’s safety on the road.

Importance Of Bike Sizing

As aforementioned, it’s generally recommended to start with a 50cc dirt bike engine. This is small enough for your child to fully control without feeling overwhelmed by the weight or size. A 50cc engine also produces just enough power to propel your child forward so that he can fully grasp the basics of dirt bike riding.

He can learn the basic skills like steering, operating a dirt bike, maintaining his balance, using the brakes, and more. A 50cc bike is a great introductory model that will boost your child’s confidence and familiarity until he can move on to bigger and faster rides. If your child is heavier than most 7-year-olds, then it’s okay to let him start with a 90cc bike. A bigger bike engine can also be useful if you want your child to have room to grow into the bike so that you won’t have to buy a new model every year.

How To Get The Correct Bike Size

Dirt bikes come in varying makes and models with different wheel sizes and seat heights. As such, it’s advisable to bring your child to a physical dirt bike shop for him to try out different bike models. The engine shouldn’t be so big that your child will struggle straddling it. His feet shouldn’t be flat on the floor nor tiptoes. Only a third of his feet should touch the ground so that he can keep himself upright in case he leans on the sides.

It’s important to get the correct size because that’s the only way for your child to attain balance while riding.

Other Things To Consider

More than the engine size and bike height, you should also check the following:


Some dirt bike models are built safer than the others. For example, some will have two brakes, both at the front and the rear tires, to make the bike stop immediately. Other models have splash or tire guards to protect your child from gravel and other debris that may hit him while driving. Some models also have speed regulators that allow you to put a cap on the engine’s speed and acceleration. In this way, your child won’t overspeed and risk harming himself.

Beyond the dirt bike’s safety features, you should also make sure that your child is wearing the proper protective gear before riding. Protective gear includes a scooter helmet, elbow pads, knee braces, and more. Do your part in orienting them of the dangers of riding too fast or over rough terrains. Keep an eye out when they’re training so that you can supervise them.


No blanket bike recommendation applies to all 7-year-olds because each child varies in height and weight. Some parents make the common mistake of buying a shorter or lower bike because they feel like their child will be more stable in case they fall over.

It’s dangerous to let your child ride a short bike. A shorter bike will cause them to keep their knees bent while riding and that’s extremely uncomfortable. A shorter bike will also cause them to sit too far back with their back hunched. This will negatively impact their sense of balance and ability to quickly access the dirt bike controls.


Dirt bike riding over rough terrains is bound to get uncomfortable. It will cause your child to bounce around in his seat and develop joint pains. To remedy this, go for a dirt bike model with high suspension or shock absorbers in the wheels. The seat must be sufficiently padded with durable foam. It’s important to invest in a comfortable bike to keep your child safe and to prevent him from getting discouraged from pursuing dirt bike riding.

Best Dirt Bikes For 7-Year-Olds

After thorough research, here are our top recommendations.

Burromax TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids


  • Safety

This bike has rear disc brakes and a handlebar-mounted brake lever. It’s guaranteed to bring the bike to a full stop when activated to prevent accidents.

  • Design

The build is made of welded tube steel frame so it’s very durable. It comes with full suspension to endure rough trails. The alloy wheels measure 12.5 inches in diameter.

  • Speed and Performance

This has a maximum speed of 14mph. It’s slow enough for beginners but fast enough to turn it into an exhilarating ride. This is powered by a 250W rechargeable battery that can run for fourteen miles straight.

This dirt bike has two-speed settings namely regular and sport. These choices allow you to match the bike’s speed to your child’s skill level. The regular setting is for beginner practice runs while the sport mode is for going faster once he has fully grasped the workings of the bike. There’s also a throttle control for smoother acceleration.

MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike

  • Safety

The best safety feature is the key-selectable speed limiter. It allows you to moderate the speed of the dirt bike so that you can place it at the speed setting that your child is comfortable with. It’s the perfect feature for keeping beginners safe. You may start at 5mph, then gradually increase it to match your child’s riding experience. In this way, you minimize the risks of getting your child injured.

  • Design

This bike is slightly heavier than the other models on the market. It weighs 66 lbs so it has a more reliable feel than flimsy bikes. It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs so it’s perfect if your seven-year-old is on the heavier side.

The seat height is 23 inches which is why it’s recommended for taller children. Both tires measure 2.5 inches wide with a 10-inch diameter.

Overall, the bike has flashy and boyish designs. It looks just like your standard dirt bike for children. You’d immediately notice the high suspension that

  • Speed And Performance

As aforementioned, this bike comes with a speed regulator that gives you three-speed settings: low (5mph), medium (10mph), and high (16mph).

This is a full-suspension dirt bike with knobby tires. These features ensure a stable riding experience even on the roughest terrains.

This bike, when fully charged, can run for thirty minutes straight at full speed. It lasts for 45 minutes at moderate riding, and 3 hours for slow riding. This is powered by two 12V batteries that only takes four to six hours to fully charge.

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


  • Safety

This is considered to be a safe bike model because of the dual-disc braking system. The hand-operated brakes allow your child to immediately stop the bike so that he won’t collide with anything or topple over. This braking system is very user-friendly so your child won’t have any issues with it. It also enhances the riding experience and control.

  • Design

This dirt bike for kids was specifically designed to pay homage to Jeremy McGrath. He is one of the most notable dirt bike riders in history. As such, this bike has bold graphics that make it look flashy and badass. It’s a bike for kids but its overall design aims to make it pass off as a serious dirt bike for professional motocross riding. Even the mudguard on the tires helps make it look like a menacing ride. The large, pneumatic, and knobby tires add to the rugged look.

The bike dimensions are 56x36x24.5 inches. It has a weight capacity of 175 pounds, perfect for 7-year-olds on the heavier or taller side.

  • Speed And Performance

This bike is powered by three 12V sealed lead-acid batteries. These are rechargeable and powerful enough to make this model run at high speeds. When fully charged, it powers the bike for forty minutes straight at 15mph. The bike has a 500W engine that’s powerful enough to go at a 15mph top speed.

The engine is primarily controlled using the twist-grip throttle. There are riser handlebars for better adjustment.