Top Scooter Helmets for 2023 – Pros, Cons & Comparisons

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If you’re looking for a the best scooter helmets but aren’t quite sure which one you should go for, you’re in luck! We know how overwhelming it can get to pore through hundreds of options. Making the right choice is a daunting task. But we’ve made sure to do the work for you so you can sit back and relax as we reveal to you our top picks. We didn’t just make random picks too. Instead, we took the time to get some extensive research done to list some of the best-reviewed helmets out there, while also checking their features, their build quality, and of course, their prices— all this, to help you make the right decision.

Of the numerous scooter helmet models we took the time to look closely, the Razor V-17 tops our recommendations. We found it lightweight and it has impressive ventilation that allows your head to keep cool, literally, even in the hottest of weathers. It is highly adjustable too, which makes it easy to fit for kids aged 8 -14. A close second would be the ILM Full Face Helmet.

Best Scooter Helmets in 2023

Picking the best scooter helmet for avid scooter riders isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that there are hundreds of models out there today that offer just as many comfort and safety features you don’t even realize you actually needed.

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Still, in the spirit of helping you make only the right choices, we have decided to search the markets in the hope of finding some of today’s best models and came up with this list:

  1. Bell Cruiser Riot Adult Helmet

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How scooters are defined is generally based on the rider and whether it’s possible or not to equip it with motors. The reason we thought this unit deserves the top spot is due to how it’s considered as one of today’s safest and best scooter helmets out there. It’s constructed with ABS/polycarbonate shell and it is equipped with an anti-fig and anti-scratch shield with UV protection.

Noise isn’t something you’ll have to be worried about with this model. You won’t even have to deal with getting bothered by the wind with his helmet on. This is because the helmet is equipped with a padded collar against the wind. You’ll also love the removable interior which makes it easy enough to take it off when cleaning.

The contoured cheek pads make for a perfect fit when the helmet is worn. You’ll also love the speaker pockets which will allow you to get your preferred audio system installed. To complete the look, there is the D-ring contraption on the chin straps for a unit that is easy and comfortable to use.


  • If you’re on the lookout for the safest possible helmet you can find in the market today, this is a headgear where you’ll never go wrong. The black matte finish makes for a great and sleek look.
  • You will love the strong and durable construction, thanks mainly to the use of ABS.
  • You’ll love how your eyes are protected when wearing the helmet too thanks to a shield that features an anti-fog, UV-protected, and an anti-scratch surface.
  • Known for being a not so noisy model, it is equipped with an efficient wind collar which keeps the sound, the noise and even the rustle of the wind away.
  • Cleaning, a crucial factor that every helmet owner needs to carry out in the name of proper maintenance— is also easy with this unit. The interiors are totally removable which will make it easy to get them properly washed, dried off, and then replaced.
  • Known for its really good fit, most people will fit the helmet due to its contoured pads on its cheek area.
  • Putting it on and taking it off is equally easy enough to do too, thanks mainly to its padded chin straps with the D-ring contraption for opening and closure.


It is generally less ideal to wear with the visor up when wearing this helmet or you will end up hearing some whistling and noise.

  1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

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What is impressive about this headgear is that it offers great value for its price tag. A full-face type, it offers riders with exceptional safety and comfort. More importantly, it has the approval of the DOT. It even comes with additional accessories that will further increase its overall value.

With the purchase, you get two visors which can be interchangeably used. One of the visors is ideal for use in most types of weather conditions, as it is clear. The smoked one is ideal for riding the bike on sunny and warm days where you’d prefer not to be burdened with a pair of sunglasses.

The aerodynamic shape of the helmet is quite notable as it is most useful at keeping drag reduced. Thanks to the ABS shell, you get a helmet that is comfortable as it’s lightweight. There will also not be the usual stains that many people experience as a result of keeping the helmet worn for an extended time.


  • Visibility has always been an issue with full-face helmets. This model, however, offers the wearer a wide view to ensure that the visibility remains unhindered.
  • You’ll be delighted with the chin-straps that allow for quick release as it makes it easier to remove the helmet and put it back on.
  • You get visors that are scratch-resistant. They are equipped with fog-prevention properties too, which ensures that you can use them when riding in any kind of weather.
  • On top of that, you get the benefits of a highly durable yet lightweight ABS shell. This will certainly help transform those long rides into less taxing ones since you will no longer have to deal with shoulder and neck strains.


  • While the helmet has certain noise-reduction properties, expect that there will still be considerable noise especially when speeding.
  • There is padding inside the helmet but they might not feel sufficient. If you aren’t that satisfied with the adequacy of the padding, extra cheek pads should resolve it.
  1. ILM Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

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This is a DOT-compliant helmet, which means you can put it on when riding in public roads without any fear that you’ll get flagged by the authorities. Its ABS shell ensures that it is resistant to wear and tear while also lightweight. This makes it ideal to wear for an extended time as it will not lead to the typical fatigue or strain along the shoulders and the neck.

The cheek pads that the helmet comes with are totally removable, which makes for easy washing. This is ideal if you don’t want the helmet interior to become a haven for bacterial growth. The sleek and stylish design is noteworthy too as it keeps drag down while also making the helmet more aerodynamic in the process.

As a modular headgear, it is possible to wear it open-faced— making it ideal for people that aren’t too keen on full-face designs. Since the visors are designed for wider viewing, visibility will not be a problem even when you decide to wear the helmet full-face.


  • You want a helmet that’s safe and reliable to use, especially on public roads so the DOT approval attached to this unit is very reassuring.
  • Being modular, it makes for a very versatile headgear since it is possible to make it open face if you ever feel a bit restricted and retrained when wearing the headgear full-faced for a long time.
  • The cheek pads and the liners are designed to be removable so it is possible to take them out, wash them, and dry them off. If bacteria build-up is something that you’re worried about, you won’t experience that with this helmet.
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight, this is a popular choice among scooter riders.


  • You may experience issues with the screws keeping the visors in place. Most buyers have found that replacing them after having used the headgear for a time solves the problem.
  • It is worth noting that this is a significantly smaller helmet compared to some of the units that are out in the market. This might make it a little tight for some.
  1. Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 Open Face Helmet with Shield

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If you’re a rider that loves feeling the wind touching your face while also making sure that you’re protected at the same time, this makes for a snug fit. An open-faced type, it’s great for allowing the wearer to feel the breeze for those bike rides but thanks to its pivoting shield, it will also be effective at keeping the rain, dust and insects away.

The top part of the helmet features brow vents that follow along the helmet’s natural lines to ensure better airflow, leaving you dry and cool when riding in very hot weather.

The shield is conveniently replaced or removed using a screw system. The shell features a clear-coating that repels UV rays and is specifically designed for maximum safety and performance.

The chin strap is easily adjustable through a D-ring system that allows opening and closure and ensures that the wearer gets maximum protection in the event of a road accident.


  • It is generally challenging to design full-face helmets but this one is a rare exception, especially considering how beautiful it looks while still making sure that the rider gets to enjoy the cool breeze when on the bike.
  • The pivoting shield the unit comes with ensures that debris and insects are kept away from the face whenever necessary.
  • Since the shield is totally removable, you always have the option to take it off when you don’t need it by detaching the screws.
  • Not only is the field ideal for keeping you safe, but it also features a coating that is resistant to UV rays to ensure that your eyes are shielded from the rays of the sun when you’re riding about.
  • This is also one ideal helmet when riding in rather hot weather since the brow vents along the top will ensure that air is able to evenly flow inside— keeping you cool the entire time.


  • You might find that strap to be a bit on the narrow side which might feel a bit uncomfortable when it is pressing on your neck.
  • Some of the smaller models might cause fitting problems to the wearer.
  1. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet

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If you’re looking for a helmet that effectively combines function, safety and style, this is it. Designed to not easily wear out, it has an integrated visor which certainly adds to its overall appeal. You’ll love how the visor will remain scratchless even after having used the helmet for a considerable length of time.

Having secured the nod from the DOT, this helmet would make for a safe option for the avid biker. Thanks to interior padding which can be detached and washed conveniently, you’ll find that this is a more comfortable model compared to other headgears.

The striking visual appearance is also another factor that makes this an ideal headgear for many people. Its matte finish is even more highlighted with its back coloring. You’ll also love how its buckle is designed to quickly release so the helmet can be easily removed even when you’ve got gloves on.


  • The visor is excellent for sunny days as it prevents your eyes against the sun rays and the glare, so you won’t ever have to worry about getting your vision impaired.
  • It’s got the DOT stamp of approval all over it too so you won’t have to worry about using it in all public roads and lanes in the country, especially since you know you will benefit from the head protection it will provide in case you’ll figure in an accident.
  • The interior padding is easily removed so you can wash and clean them for proper maintenance.
  • There are stylish colored bits that come with the purchase too and they add more personality to the helmet as it makes it easier for you to get the headgear customized.


  • While the manufacturer offers various colored side parts that can be used to customize the helmet, there really aren’t any instructions included on how to use them. So, it would be up to you to figure out how to make the switch.
  • Some people might find the pads along the sides to be a bit too thick. This might lead to some people feeling like their head is being held in a rather tight grip. If this happens, you always have the choice to get them removed.
  1. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

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This offering from Fuel Helmets will keep you protected every time you take your scooter out for a ride. Made from tough thermoplastic, this is a sturdy model that’s UV-coated to ensure better protection. While it is mainly known for its strong design, it is surprisingly light despite its full-face design. This allows the wearer to not have to worry about getting strained, even after having to wear the helmet for an extended period.

Thanks to its internal vents, air conveniently flows around the head through the external vents that are positioned along the back and the front. The helmet offers a very efficient cooling system to ensure that those long rides are never going to be wet ones.

The unit comes with a D-ring contraption for closure to allow the wearer to adjust the chin straps conveniently. It also comes with a retention strap to get that snug fit and ensure maximum safety. The cheek pads and visors are designed for easy removal so if there is a need for you to clean them or wash them, it will be easy enough to do.


  • Most of the problems surrounding many helmets in the market these days have to do with proper airflow in the interiors. This offering from Fuel Helmets comes with an effectively designed vent system that ensures air is nicely channeled all throughout for that convenient, comfortable and cool ride.
  • It is this particular feature of the helmet that makes it ideal to use for those bike rides in considerably hot weather. With this helmet on, you won’t ever have to worry about getting all sweaty even when driving at high temperatures.
  • Made using durable thermoplastic, you get assurance that your head will remain safe and protected with this helmet on.
  • The UV-coated visor effectively keeps your eyes protected from the sun rays to ensure that you will be able to drive with unimpeded focus.
  • With its lightweight materials, you won’t ever have to worry about the helmet feeling too heavy so you can be sure that rides will always be comfortable.


The visors have been known to vibrate when driving at high speeds, especially when it comes into contact with the unit’s bottom part.

  1. Motorcycle Scooter Pilot Open Face Helmet

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This is a DOT-approved helmet that can be safely used by bikers on the road. So, if safety is your concern, you can trust that this is one headgear that will get the work done. As an open-faced helmet that’s generally regarded as less safe than the full face ones, the stamp of approval coming from the DOT gives you the peace of mind knowing that this is indeed as safe as helmets come.

A few elements help make this helmet stand out from the rest and not least of that is its flip-up visor. This particular feature of the helmet’s design ensures that you no longer have to look at the road through your visor when you drive around with this helmet on. If you don’t feel like having the visor shielding your face, all you have to do is get it flipped up. The D-ring on the chin strap ensures that it is kept secured at all times.

Along with the purchase is a carry bag that will be quite handy as a container for the helmet to ensure that it is kept safe and in the best shape when not in use. The inner padding is also another massive plus for the headgear as it extended considerable comfort to the wearer.


  • Safety is crucial for every biker. This is why it’s a critical first step when looking for a helmet to see first if the one you’re interested in has the DOT’s nod. This one certainly has which means that you can use it for your safety and protection when traversing public roads.
  • The wide visibility offered by the visor is another handy feature of the helmet. This gives you an unimpeded view of the road ahead, making the whole riding experience a lot safer for you.
  • You won’t have to worry about the helmet wobbling out of place too while you’re on your bike since there is a D-ring that helps keep the chin strap steady and secure the entire time.
  • Purchasing the helmet means you also get to take home a carry bag. This gives you something you can out the helmet in to maintain its tip-top shape.


  • Some customers have noted problems regarding the screws that are supposed to hold the helmet’s visor in place as they tend to lose their efficiency over time. Some minor repairs may be necessary after you’ve had the helmet for a while.
  • The chin strap seems a little too long so there will always be that bit that will remain loose the moment the helmet has been strapped in place. This means that you’ll likely have a bit of the strap slapping against the helmet, especially if you’re riding at rather high speeds.

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  1. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

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If a retro helmet is your thing, you’ll love this headgear looking like it came straight from the 60s. The stylish exterior will definitely impress and for the retro lover, this one will certainly not disappoint.

This particular model comes with a bubble visor with three snaps. It also offers the chance to get a flat shield with 5 snaps attached to the helmet to give the wearer an added protection. Injection molding techniques were used in the making of the shell, conferring it the strength needed to keep the wearer secure and safe but still keeping it lightweight.

Soft and plush nylon fabric lines the interior. It is breathable so you can trust that with the helmet on, it is going to be an easy ride despite having had it on for a long time.

If there is one thing that contributes to the vintage look of the helmet, it would have to be its premium paint finish. This is one sleek helmet you’d love to show off around the city.

The stamp of modern technology can be found all over the helmet, despite its vintage look. This is clearly evident in the dense polystyrene material that the headgear is made of which allows it to effectively absorb impact shocks. You can also keep the chin straps in place via the dual D-ring contraption.


  • This is a nice-looking helmet, replete with its premium paint that gives off that authentic vintage appeal.
  • The exterior is impressive and the interior is considerably comfortable for the wearer thanks to the flush and soft nylon fabric within. This particular design element allows the wearer’s head to breathe conveniently with the helmet on.
  • Thanks to its impressive breathability and light weight, you’ll have a helmet that is not only perfect for those extended bike rides but also for summer days when the weather can be a bit hot.
  • You’ll also be given the choice between a bubble visor with three snaps and a flat one with five snaps to ensure that you’re provided with the necessary protection.
  • The exterior shell is incredibly sturdy, thanks to the injection molding procedure it went through.


There are users who think that the helmet may be a bit on the small side. So, when ordering one, it might be a good idea to go one size up than what your actual size is to account for that difference.

  1. Pro Tec Full Cut Certified Skate Helmet

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This is one helmet that will let you ride in style. Its lightweight and comfortable construction makes it an ideal headgear to put on. The outer shell was created via injection-mold technology, lending it the durability and strength that makes it a handy headgear when on the road.

The interior is lined with EPS foam which allows it to absorb shocks due to falls while also effectively dispersing energy due to impacts— all in the name of keeping your head duly protected and injury-free.

It’s also notable how it comes with 11 vents that ensure circulation so even during those long rides on the road, you won’t have to worry about getting your head soaking wet from all the sweat. You’ll love the classic design which features a chin strap that is easily adjustable so the helmet will snugly fit on your head, without you worrying that it will wobble at some point while you’re wearing it.

The laminated exterior is made of Nylex, replete with black gloss which contributes to the helmet’s overall appeal. Despite being lightweight, this is one helmet that features a seamless transition involving soft protective foam and hard materials, courtesy of the Dri-Lex technology to assure you of a very comfortable ride.


  • This is quite a very attractive model and while it does feature a classic design, it still boasts of a new look thanks to its glossy finish.
  • The fact that the unit comes with 11 vents aimed at keeping your head cool is quite impressive. You can trust that a sweaty head is never going to be a problem you’ll have to deal with during those summer day drives.
  • The adjustable chin strap on the helmet is designed for perfect fitting so you are confident that you are always protected the whole time.
  • The injection-molded outer shell offers certain durability and strength to the helmet while making sure that things remain light.
  • The interior is lined with EPS foam which is efficient at absorbing shock and in ensuring that energy is properly dispersed in the event of an impact so your head remains injury-free.
  • Thanks to Dri-Lex technology, it is truly one remarkably comfortable headgear.


The helmet doesn’t have any visor so you have to be constantly on the lookout for debris and insects that might be coming at you when you drive.

  1. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

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This is one youth-safe headgear which is ideal to wear for sports like skating, biking, and various other outdoor activities. It’s lightweight and it even comes with a total of 17 vents located on the top and the sides to ensure that there will be enough air circulation to ensure that things will not overheat even in hot driving conditions.

The interior comes with an ergonomic design and thick padding to ensure extra comfort. There is also an additional set of pads which is ideal for getting the size adjusted in the event that you end up with a helmet that is sized a tad bit larger than your head. Getting the chin straps adjusted is easy thanks to the buckles that are released on the side so a snug fit is never going to be a problem to ensure proper protection.

This is a very lightweight headgear at just 0.95 pounds. This makes it a very easy and light wear where you won’t have to worry about straining your back

Ideally, the helmet would fit those with head sizes of 21.5-23 inches. It is suitable for kids from 8-14 and has a sleek and glossy black finish.


  • At just 0.95 pounds, there is certainly no other helmet out there that’s will beat it in terms of its light weight.
  • The thick padding in the interior is quite notable as it offers added comfort that will help protect your head. You’ll also love the ergonomic design.
  • If you think that the unit is way too large for you, the extra padding that the product comes with makes it possible for you to get the size adjusted to allow it to fit a much smaller head.
  • The chin strap is designed to be adjustable to ensure that you will get the proper fit and ensure due protection when putting the helmet on.
  • This is one very light helmet which makes it ideal to use in various activities especially sports one including biking and skating.
  • It’s ideal for wearing in the summer too as its 17 vents will ensure that air will successfully circulate inside no matter how hot it is outside. So, you won’t have to worry about a sweaty head when you have it on.


This helmet is designed mainly for kids. This makes it more ideal to use for leisure rather than use it when on a speeding scooter.

Best Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

Whether you’re planning on replacing an old helmet or getting the best from the newest helmets available out there, navigating the market can be a bit of a challenge. The options available out there are varied from their styles, sizes, designs, shapes, and comforts among others. Picking the right model, one that is actually right for you and your needs can be quite daunting. Below are some of the things that could help you make the right choice.

Build Materials

When in search of the best scooter helmet, one of the many things you need to pay close attention to is the build material. Different materials are used to make and build different helmets. Inexpensive models tend to have a shell made of ABS polymers that were injection molded. This generally offers a proper balance between protection and price.

Interiors often utilize EPS foam as liners. They are decent shock absorbers that are reliable in terms of protecting the wearer’s head in the event of an impact.

Most of the higher-end models tend to use fiberglass composite as an exterior material. They are more capable of absorbing impact energy. The downside is that these models are generally costlier. Carbon fibers are generally found in some of the most expensive helmet markets out there. They do offer the best level of protection and if they are within your budget, they are worth investing in.

Proper Fit Matters

The best helmets are the ones that properly fit. Unfortunately, not many people consider this when making a purchase. The best helmet is one that fits your head perfectly. This is even more crucial when you’re trying to find the right scooter helmet for kids since sizes can vary and you certainly only want nothing but the most protection for your youngster.

When a helmet is too large it can get bouncy during the ride. It can also create so much noise and worse, they will not be able to offer as much protection if you crash. A size that’s a tad bit larger for your head will just expose you to danger if you end up experiencing an accident while on the road. It can fall off too— something that you never want to happen when you get into an accident. It mustn’t be too tight either or it would be a way too uncomfortable during the ride, especially those long-distance ones.

Also, if it is way too small, it just wouldn’t properly sit on your head, which will render it ineffective in giving you the head protection you need. The helmet should fit tight around your cheeks, forehead and the head— tight enough but not too much.

This is why it matters that you get your head measured first and refer to a specific brand’s size chart to help you make the right order. Also, note that head sizes aren’t necessarily the same as head shapes so there’s still no substitute to actually trying the helmet out to see if it indeed fits.

Get Stylish with Open-face and Half Helmets

You don’t always need to get a full-face helmet. If you love the feel of the wind against your face when on your bike, you’ll love half helmets. These helmets offer that retro feel and look while still providing you with decent head protection, albeit not as good as the one you get with a full-face one. Generally, they are the lightest of the bunch since they don’t really cover the head entirely. These helmets don’t come with a face shield although a smokescreen, a neck curtain or a visor are things that you can always add to the helmet if you wish to.

Open face helmets are generally more versatile and they also extended a higher level of protection. Many of these models come with shields and visors, it is also possible to add a chin and mouth protection if you choose one of the pricier models.

It is also possible to buy those headgears with a Bluetooth feature. This makes it possible for you to attach communication accessories while you’re on your bike so it would be possible for you to keep in touch not only with your fellow bikers and other people while you’re out riding. However, you do need to check what specific legislations are present where you are about using devices on the road if you intend to use them while traversing public roads.

Get Full Protection with Full-face Helmets

If you’re looking for the best possible protection when out on your bike, there is no better choice than a full-face helmet. It covers your entire head and face along with your chin and mouth. Due to this, they tend to be the heaviest. If you’re not too keen on the idea of wearing something heavier on your head, you need to consider whether you’d prefer extra comfort or added protection.

You’ll generally find favorable reviews on full-face variants. There are also a variety of options form a number of reputable brands out there— all offering tough materials to ensure proper protection along with a variety of interesting features.

Don’t Forget About Ventilation

When shopping for a scooter helmet, don’t forget to take ventilation into account. Putting on a helmet when you’re riding out on hot days will likely leave your head all wet and sweaty with an improperly ventilated helmet on.

Many of today’s full-face models have dual-vent systems that generally start out along the front, through the top and then out through the helmet’s back. There are instances where side vents are added which allows for circulation around the head. They are also efficient at making sure that heat is carried away from the helmet. Full-face variants require proper ventilation. This is why air circulation is crucial when choosing the right unit.

Find Models that are Easy to Maintain

If you have plans on commuting a lot then you need to see to it that the helmet will be easy enough to maintain and wash. You’d want to keep it clean, after all, and washing it regularly is essential or you’ll have trouble with bacterial build-up in the interiors. Remember that when you’re out riding your bike with the helmet on, you’ll have to contend with dust and soot covering the helmet’s exterior, insects smashing against its shell, as well as all the sweat and body oils that impregnate the liner. This will leave your helmet smelling and looking horrible.

Choose a model with detachable interior cheek pads and liners. This will make it easier for you to take them off and wash them to keep them thoroughly clean. Helmets with detachable shields, vents and visors are generally easier to maintain.

Do see to it that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of maintenance and cleaning to see to it that the helmet will not get scratched and the lining will not get damaged.

Always Check State Legislation

Make sure to take into consideration the state legislation where you are. While there are states that are a bit lax in terms of the regulations they set on scooter helmets, there are also those that will only models that have been certified by the necessary body or have specific features that are supposed to make them more effective at protecting the wearer. Some might even specifically ask riders to wear motorcycle helmets so it wouldn’t hurt to find out what the authorities have to say.


How should scooter helmets fit?

When looking for the right helmet, you want a headgear that will snugly fit. To test out if it is, just hold one by the chin straps and put it on. It should be sitting squarely and not tilted on the sides, the back or the front.

When a helmet is a tad bigger, it can wobble when you put it on. This can create discomfort and considerable noise too. There’s even the possibility that it would come off in a crash and that is bad news for you. Also, make sure that the helmet will fit without pressing your forehead or your cheeks.

How is helmet size measured?

To ensure your protection when on your bike, getting the appropriate size for your helmet is very important. Note that different measuring units and sizes can get confusing. Start with measuring the circumference of your head in its fullest part, just a little above your eyebrows and your ears.

Based on the measurements you have gathered, refer to the chart to find the helmet that will fit you best. It’s also common for most charts to offer hat sizes, so you can make easy comparisons. Unfortunately, they don’t always indicate the appropriate sizes. If there’s a particular model you’re interested in, try to use their chart size since different brands do tend to differ in sizes.

How much does it cost to get a scooter helmet?

Prices will generally vary depending on the model, brand, type, and features included among others. Full-face headgears are always going to cost a little bit more than other types. Also, the accessories it comes with can also affect the price. So, helmets with bubble visors, smoke shields, and straight shields are likely to cost more than straightforward and plain ones.

Simple helmets are only likely to cost you a few bucks but they may only offer limited protection. If you want to go for the higher-end models that reputable brands offer, they are likely to cost you more but they tend to be equipped with certain features that may make them more effective at keeping you protected while on the road.

Are helmets necessary for scooter riders?

In most US states, helmets are required for every rider. There are even states that require riders to only wear regulated helmets. Some will also require wearing face shields and goggles and some will also require you to carry your license and your registration with you at all times.

Regardless of what the legislation is, always remember never to ride your scooter without any protective headgear on. This is especially true for vehicles that can reach 40 mph or higher. Also, it is always best to look for a motorcycle helmet that has been officially approved by the DOT and not just bike helmets.

Top Scooter Helmet Brands


Razor is a brand that has made its name in the manufacture of electric rideables, safety gear and personal transporters. Established by JD Corporation and Carlton Calvin 2000, it traces its origin in Cerritos, California. It was also around the same time that they unveiled their very first scooter where they successfully sold 5 million of these products in just a six-month period.

The company has made a name for its innovative approach in the manufacture of personal transporters along with their commitment to selling and manufacturing protective gear like helmets in their goal of ensuring that their customers can effectively enjoy their rides safely outside.


Launched in 1999, Fuel was founded after the founders discovered that not every rider out there wants to wear the same types of helmets. They have been creating a variety of helmets, replete with a variety of colors, shapes and even graphics to meet riders’ varied preferences.

The company enjoys extreme popularity in both the US and in Canada, thanks to their support orientation for their customers as well as the focus they place on ensuring that their helmets remain reliable and safe while being affordable to any scooter or two-wheel vehicle owners. They are also known for their DOT-approved headgears and they’re mostly found in almost every retailer in the continent.


Galaxy Helmets and Accessories or GLX was founded in 2002 in California. Their manufacturing plant, however, has been in operation since 1994 and they have been responsible for producing top quality helmets for a variety of international outlets.

The company is also known for its philosophy of creating helmets that are as durable as they are affordable. This is clearly evident in their product line of top quality materials that have been approved by the DOT while also making sure that the price tags remain relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other major internationally-renowned brands.

The brand is also known for employing American designers with the goal of creating helmets that are aimed at meeting the needs of American wearers. GLX has also been building a reputation and effectively adding more to its line of accessories and helmets regularly.


In 1971, Raiders was just a small company, focused on the distribution of snowmobiles and various accessories and parts. After 40 years of being in the snowmobile market, they decided to make the switch and started developing products around 1999-2000.

By 2001, the company had been selling not only new helmets but also accessories in about 35 stores. Six years later, they further expanded to selling quality protective gears in more than 500 stores across North America.

Today, Raider helmets and accessories are found not only in thousands of brick and mortar stores but also in most online retailers, their products are highly regarded by riders that belong in a variety of disciplines and sports.


The company started in 1973 as one of the very first brands to come up with protective helmets and gears for skateboarding. They have also created some of the industry’s most popular skateboard helmets.

With more than 4 decades of experience in producing gears and accessories for extreme sports, they have been designing and manufacturing protective gears that are used for a wide range of applications over the years. This ranges from BMX to professional skateboarding to casual commuting. Protect also has a diverse product line that suits different needs and styles. The company has been steadily incorporating innovation in the lines of products they have dished out and has been known to provide different types of top quality helmets.

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Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Scooter Helmets

It’s expected that the helmet might start to smell bad after having worn it for an extended period of time. All the sweat and the body oils will be absorbed by its interior liners and dust, bugs, smog and soot will likely leave the exterior shell looking grimy. Not only will this leave the helmet looking less than appealing, but it might also even impair your vision in the process.

It is actually possible to get the helmet cleaned up and get it all looking good and shiny again. There are important steps that you need to follow to help you do a great job.

Interior Cleaning Tips

If your helmet has a removable liner, all you need to do is pull it out, including the cheek pads, put them right onto the sink and use baby shampoo or mild soap and warm water to clean them. Just make sure to leave them for several minutes to soak then start rubbing them to get rid of the sweat, grime and body oils. Rinse them thoroughly and dry them naturally outside. It is never advisable to use heat sources when drying these items.

If the liners aren’t detachable, see which parts can be removed and make sure to get the helmet washed thoroughly under the shower. Soak it inside a bucket that contains baby shampoo. Rub the EPS foam and the liners gently to get rid of all the grime. Then rinse it off and dry.

Exterior Cleaning Tips

With the interior properly cleaned, you need to turn your attention next to the exterior of the helmet. If you need to get the helmet washed in a bucket due to the liners and other parts being not detachable, there’s a very good chance that the grime and dirt in its exteriors would have mostly come off as well. Even if they hadn’t, it should be now fairly easy to remove them by wiping them off gently using a wet fabric.

Cotton swabs can be used to get the vents thoroughly cleaned. If there are difficult to clean areas, use a soft brush to do so while also being careful not to leave scratches on the surface.

If the helmet hasn’t been soaked, a moist cloth or a microfiber can be used to get the exterior cleaned. If there are tough to remove grime and parts, make sure to leave them to soak first but never scrub them as that will likely leave a scratch.

Wax polish can also be used if you want to make the helmet look new. Synthetic oils can be applied along the joints of the visors and various moving parts of the headgear ensure that their optimal shape and state will be maintained.

Unavailable Products

Sniper Turing AR15

This is one reliable scooter helmet that is great for impact-resistance. A mix between the drop-down and open face bobber-style variant, this is one helmet that both feels and looks good while also making sure that you enjoy ride safety when on the road.

It is low-profile and has a copter style that lends to its retro look— something that’s becoming quite popular among many riding enthusiasts these days. With EPS foam layers that benefit from precise engineering, it offers better capabilities in absorbing impact when compared to other similar models.

It boasts of a hard thermoplastic outer shell that makes it shock-resistant and durable. A drop-down built-in shield comes with the unit which offers added protection for those instances when you’re riding in not so favorable weather conditions. Smoke shields can be mounted on the headgear which further lends to its classic look. It also features integrated snaps and is designed to allow the user to mount other shields and visors if needed.

CLX ¾ Open Face GX01-MB-L

A ¾ open-face headgear, it is specifically designed for keeping the wearer safe and protected when on a scooter. The model is made of ABS shell which makes use of polycarbonate material to maximize its resistance to impacts. It features a reinforced exterior, replete with resistant fibers to ensure even better resilience from damage.

Its interior is quite comfortable, thanks to the EPS foam lining that also lends to its impressive shock-absorbing properties. The cheek pads in the interior can be washed with the liner so you won’t have to deal with a helmet that is sweat-soaked and bad-smelling, especially during the summer months.

The helmet comes with a chin strap which is designed for easy use, thanks mainly to its quick-release design. You will also love the eye-port which is impressively large to ensure that you get great visibility that will leave you protected against the elements.

A FMVSS No. 218 certified unit, this indicates that it successfully meets certain safety standards, to give you the reassurance that it is indeed one reliable piece of protection that will help keep you safe in the event of a crash.

Final Thoughts

You need to consider pros and cons of these scooter helmets and find which one would suit your needs best, I personally use ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, as it provides the most safety and is suited for motorcycle as well as scooter riders. You can find it on amazon – here.