How To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

gold motorcycle exhaust

The sound that your motorcycle exhaust makes is part of its personality. A deeper sound from the motorcycle exhaust is believed to make your engine sound more powerful.

Here’s how to make the motorcycle exhaust instantly sound deeper:

  1. Remove the bafflers from the exhaust pipes
  2. Modify the muffler
  3. Install stock mufflers
  4. Use performance mufflers

Most of these modifications aren’t invasive and permanent so you can just undo them whenever you want. You can also tweak them to get the perfect sound you want for your motorcycle.

Step By Step Instructions

Remove The Bafflers

Baffles are usually readily removable from the exhaust. Removable baffles are common among modern motorcycle models. Permanent baffles are common among vintage models and would require permanent alterations on the pipes.

For removable baffles, the first step is to prepare your tools. These tools include a screwdriver and a wrench set. Locate the small 10-inch nut at the end of the exhaust pipe. This nut connects the baffler to the exhaust pipe. Use the wrench to unbolt the nut. You’ll need to reach into the tailpipe to do this. Make sure to keep the bolt attached to the baffler.

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Next, remove the baffler by using a flat screwdriver to detach it from the pipe. You’ll want to keep the original one in case you want to replace it in the future. Replace it with one that makes the exhaust produce a much deeper sound.

Structurally Modify The Muffler

Exhaust mufflers serve to quiet the sounds that emanate from the exhaust pipe. Removing it entirely will make the sound automatically louder. To make the sound deeper, you can modify the muffler. For this, you’ll need a three-inch blade angle grinder, a wrench set, and a screwdriver.

First, uninstall the baffler by unscrewing the necessary bolts and nuts at the tail cap. Next, make the modifications. Cut outside the edge of the pipe where it connects to the muffler. Take a smaller blade and then cut about two inches deep. Once you are inside, use a pair of pliers to twist the metal and to form a clean cut. At this point, the tail end should come off cleanly.

You can also expect this modification to cause the exhaust pipe to have a deeper sound. You can keep the baffler for future use or resell it.

Use Stock Mufflers

This is the cheapest and most common option to make the exhaust pipe sound deeper. This aftermarket product suits almost all pipe models, except if you own a rare or vintage model. You can also tweak these stock mufflers so that it will make your motorcycle create the sound that you like.

muffler motorcycle exhaust

Use Performance Mufflers

This is a great option if you’re looking for deep yet high-quality sounding effects from your pipes. Performance mufflers are usually very expensive but they’re worth the investment. Like stock mufflers, you can also tweak performance mufflers to your liking so that they’ll release that perfect, deep sound.

Final Tips

There are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you can safely and successfully modify the exhaust pipe sounds.

Work Area

Removing the bafflers and mufflers from the exhaust pipes will involve delicate parts like bolts and nuts. Make sure to work in a clean and well-lit area to keep track of all the parts. You can tape them to cardboard with labeled sections to keep all of the nuts and bolts in place. Another organization trick is to place the nuts in a bowl or a magnet so that none of them will roll off and get misplaced.

Do A Trial Run

A botched modification can make the exhaust backfire. Before you take out your motorcycle with modified exhaust for a spin, start by revving it repetitively in the garage. Check to see if the sound it makes is satisfactory. It helps to have a buddy tail you as you ride it so that you can keep track of any parts that may get dislodged.

Regular Inspection

Go over the modifications and check for loose parts. Make sure the nuts and bolts are tightly screwed in. Check if there are parts that rattle and weld them if necessary. You can also chrome any new additions so that they will blend seamlessly with the exhaust pipe. The protective chrome layer also makes them last longer.