6 Effective Ways To Increase Motorcycle Horsepower

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There are a few things you can apply to your motorcycle in order to boost its horsepower. Motorcycle horsepower refers to a unit of measurement that quantifies the performance of the motorcycle engine.

Six ways to increase the horsepower of your motorcycle:

  • Increase the airflow
  • Install a jet kit
  • Customize the ignition system
  • Use fuel filters
  • Adjust your gear
  • Use an aftermarket tuner

Achieving peak horsepower is beneficial for both motorcycle racing and casual riding. However, it must be noted that motorcycle horsepower is never a definitive quantifier for a motorcycle’s speed and performance as there are a lot of factors involved.

How To Increase Motorcycle Horsepower

Motorcycle modifications are fairly normal, from aesthetic reasons to improve the actual performance. There are six different ways by which you can increase the horsepower of your motorcycle.

Increase The Air In The Cylinder

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your motorcycle horsepower. You can do this if the airflow is strangled or if you just wish to increase the airflow in the chamber.

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The way motorcycle engines work is that the fuel and the air are needed for combustion. They usually come in fixed ratios so increasing the airflow into the chamber will likewise increase the fuel combustion. The increased fuel consumption means that your motorcycle will generate more energy to power up the entire motorcycle.

There are many ways by which you can achieve this. You can tune your carburetor and make it let in more air into the chamber. You can also adjust the fuel injector to modify the ratio. Another way is by installing an aftermarket mushroom head. These accessories can boost airflow by up to fifty percent.

Install A Brand New Jet Kit

A motorcycle jet kit is an aftermarket kit that you can install for the carburetor (I use this one I got from amazon). This is advisable for motorcycles that tend to drive lean. Driving lean is a motorcycle term that means the fuel ratio is less than the air.

Installing a jet kit allows the ratio to stabilize so that you can increase the horsepower of your motorcycle by enabling better combustion. This, coupled with air-box modifications, can significantly boost the horsepower.

Customize The Ignition System

The ignition is the part that generates the energy that kicks your motorcycle into action. It is responsible for igniting the fuel and air in the motorcycle chamber in order to generate power for the entire motorcycle.

Not all motorcycle ignitions perform equally. For instance, opting for an NGK gold plated or platinum spark plug (find on amazon – here) will generate more electricity than a normal spark plug. Other modifications you can do include switching to a lower resistance voltage cap. You might also want to upgrade from an old ignition model to a newer one with a bigger control angle and stronger throttle response.

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Use Fuel Filters

The primary function of fuel filters is to filter the fuel before it enters the chamber for combustion. Filters aim to eliminate grime, clumps, and more so that the fuel will be purer and easier to combust. This is also great for keeping your engine in top shape by ensuring that it only burns clean fuel. Check the prices of fual filters here on amazon.

A faulty fuel filter can let some of the fuel dirt go through, rendering the combustion system inefficient. It can also cause serious problems like sudden bursts of flames and exhaust backfires. You can boost the effect of a fuel filter by coupling it with a fuel upgrade. Try using premium gas. Premium gas has higher octane which means that it has more combustible fuel per stroke.

Adjust Your Gear

This section deals with changing the structure of your motorcycle. These may be tiny changes, but they can add up to boost the acceleration of your motorcycle. You can try adding or subtracting sprocket teeth so that the wheels turn faster at a few tweaks.

Another thing you can do is to swap your motorcycle gear for lighter counterparts. This makes your motorcycle easier to maneuver. It also relieves the pull of gravity so that you can go faster. You can swap your steel motorcycle parts for those made of aluminum and titanium. Aluminum and titanium are just as durable and strong with the exception of being lighter than steel.

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You can even eliminate some of the parts that you do not actively use so that your motorcycle will run faster. Customize exhaust kits that are lighter with removable mufflers. Just be sure to comply with motorcycle regulations before doing drastic modifications.

Use An Aftermarket Tuner

An aftermarket tuner allows you to better control and adjusts the stock settings. There are manual tuners as well as electronic and automated ones. It works just like a carburetor in a sense that you can precisely adjust the flow of air or fuel into the chambers in order to make the engine more efficient at combustion.

You might also make some tweaks in the engine control unit (ECU) of your motorcycle. The ECU is a common addition to newer models. It is basically a computer chip that is programmed to make your motorcycle meet and comply with industry requirements. Doing strategic tweaks to this unit can boost the performance of your motorcycle.

The more technical term for tackling the ECU is called reflashing. Reflashing involves modifying the stock programming and tuning everything to a more efficient standard. The only issue is that this is something that you can just DIY. Make sure to consult the help of a certified motorcycle mechanic and programmer for this.

There are certain possible side effects of reflashing. These include higher heat output, increased fuel usage, and it can also potentially shorten the lifespan of the engine itself. Make sure to weigh your options and to keep an eye out for these effects to materialize so that you can remedy them accordingly.