Importance Of Wearing Motorcycle Gloves While Riding

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Motorcycle gloves are often overlooked but they are actually very important for motorcycle riders, both for casual riding to professional races.

There are five main reasons why wearing motorcycle gloves while riding is very important.

  • Improves your grip on the handlebars
  • Regulates your hand temperature
  • Protection from debris
  • Protection from the weather
  • Improve your style

A good pair of motorcycle gloves can greatly improve your motorcycle riding skills and safety. The ones available on the market are made of fabric, textile, mesh, and leather. Most of them have textured and padded palms for extra comfort and protection.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Motorcycle Gloves

Improves Your Grip

Motorcycle gloves boost your riding safety by improving your grip on the handlebars. It does so by decreasing the presence of hand muscle fatigue or numbness. Hand numbness and muscle fatigue are quite common, especially if you are on a long motorcycle road trip. This is caused by the intense vibrations that you feel from the motorcycle engine. It is also caused by your hands clenched at the same position for hours on end.

Motorcycle gloves prevent the aforementioned muscular problems by absorbing the excess vibrations from the motorcycle. The compression also boosts the blood circulation in the hands. This prevents muscle fatigue and pain so that you can keep your grip stable.

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Your bare hands may be too slippery on the handlebars, especially if your palms tend to sweat. This slippery feel can make it difficult for you to twist the handlebars and that can increase your risk of getting into an accident.

A pair of motorcycle gloves will absorb your palm sweat and keep them contained in the glove. The motorcycle gloves also have textured palms that prevent slippage. The texture is usually from silicone protrusions that boosts friction so that you can keep a sturdy grip on the handlebars and have full control at all times.

Regulates Hand Temperature

It is challenging to stay warm while riding a motorcycle. It is such an open vehicle so you will feel the full impact of the wind against your body as you ride. Your hands may also feel cold if you live in a cold area. Cold hands mean a slower blood circulation rate which can make you feel uncomfortable or even loosen your grip on the handlebars. You can use insulated motorcycle gloves trap your body heat in to keep your hands warm.

Conversely, motorcycle gloves can also keep your hands cool on hot days. It will be uncomfortable to drive your motorcycle when you have sweaty palms from overheating hands. There are well-ventilated gloves that keep the air circulation so that your hands will stay cool on warm days while providing enough cover so that your hands won’t get burned by the sun rays.

Protects In Case Of An Accident

Upon impact, it is instinctive to put your hand out to break your fall. The gloves will make sure that your palms won’t sustain deep cuts and abrasions upon making contact with the hard ground. You should also consider that you might crash your motorcycle while you are going at a certain speed. That will drag your palms across the pavement and cause some serious injury if it weren’t for motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle gloves also apply a certain amount of pressure on the wrists. It keeps the joint in place so that you will not dislocate it or experience swollen tendons.

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Protects From Debris

Flying debris is not uncommon among motorcycle riders. The most popular flying debris is bug guts. You can drive through a swarm during bugs season and their remains will stick to you, from your helmet visor to your hands.

This debris can be distracting and painful. A pair of motorcycle gloves will keep you comfortable and protected. Driving through a swarm of bees or other insects can be painful, especially if you are driving at a high speed. You can also protect your hands from possible distractions, like the stingers from bees or the sharp legs of a grasshopper.

Protects From The Weather

A motorcycle is such an open vehicle that it automatically exposes the rider to whatever weather condition it is. If the sun is out, your hands will inevitably get burned unless you wear gloves to have some sort of protective layer against the harmful rays of the sun. A sunscreen is still a good option but its sticky and slippery texture can distract you from staying focused on the road.

Conversely, rainy weather is also harmful to you. The water can cause your hands to feel slippery against the motorcycle handlebars. A waterproof or water-resistant pair of motorcycle gloves can help you maintain your grip on the handlebars. These gloves have textured palms that will guarantee you full control with minimized slippage.

Improves Your Style

A good pair of stylish motorcycle gloves can improve your motorcycle ensemble. A pair of leather gloves will look so well with your leather jacket and Kevlar riding jeans.

There are so many style options you can choose from. Motorcycle gloves can be made of textile, mesh, fabric, or leather. The various materials are synthesized into different stylish glove options.

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