Best Motorcycle Winter Riding Gloves of 2023: Ride in the Cold

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If you’re looking for motorcycle winter riding gloves, it makes sense to invest in the best pair. With so many choices out there, making an educated decision can be quite challenging. To help you decide, we took the time to look into all the options available out there and list down our top picks. We put in a lot of effort in analyzing expert opinions, comprehensive reviews and data to come up with a selection of impressive winter gloves that will easily meet your motorcycling needs.

Of all the winter riding gloves we have had the chance to review, what really stood out is the Gordini Men’s Promo. Flexible and comfortable, it’s impressive how they offer excellent insulation while giving the wearer that cool vibe from its high-fashion look. The materials used in the manufacture of these gloves are specifically selected for their sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear, especially along the seams. A close second in our list is the Joe Rocket Eclipse, which makes for an equally impressive alternative.

Top Winter Riding Gloves for Motorcycle Riders in 2023

We took the time to look into the latest motorcycle winter gloves that manufacturers offer to help you decide on the right one. Our picks only included those items that can effectively withstand harsh winters, intensive tasks, and daily use so whatever you end up picking is not going to disappoint where performance and practicality go.

  1. Gordini Men’s Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

Winter can be particularly unforgiving to your fingers and hands. This is why it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect them. Nothing beats the protection that a good pair of top-quality winter riding gloves and this is one pair you would definitely not want regret investing on. Made mainly of polyester, you can expect that its fabric will effectively withstand wear and tear from constant use.

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However, there is more to polyester than just a long lifespan. The fabric is also known for being breathable and it is quite efficient at keeping wind and water off your hands with it on. This is one pair of winter riding gloves that you will not only find useful come wintertime but one that you can actually use for the whole year-round. It perfectly fits the rider’s hands and will ensure excellent grip— something that is quite vital when riding a motorcycle.

Users will also appreciate how lightweight this particular model is, making it even more ideal for those that have rather sensitive skin but still want to protect their fingers from freezing whenever they are out commuting. Versatility is certainly what sets this pair apart from the rest. In fact, its uses aren’t only limited to riding motorcycles. They’d be handy for those days when you need to shovel a bit of snow or you can use them when playing sports too.


  • These are the perfect pair you’d want to wear during those cold days. Made from Gore-Tex, they effectively offer reliable protection from snow, wind and rain.
  • They’re effective at keeping your hands dry the entire time they are on, so manipulating your motorbike and riding it safely is assured even when you have to be out riding in challenging weather conditions.
  • The gloves are equipped with inserts that are breathable that lend to the overall comfort of wearing it. This also ensures that you’re not going to have soggy gloves or sweaty hands whenever wearing it even for extended periods.
  • It’s a plus that it has a gauntlet cinch closing mechanism along the wrist as this effectively keeps the snow from seeping in. It’s also effective at keeping the wind at bay.


  • The overall effectiveness of the gloves isn’t 100% as they are seen to decline at temperatures of 20F and lower. In these temperatures, you can already start to feel the cold creeping to your fingers.
  • The gloves don’t include any liners so there may be a need for you to buy separate ones if you wish for your hands to stay warmer for a much longer time.
  1. Joe Rocket Men’s Eclipse Gloves

If there’s one thing that will stand out to buyers when looking at this pair, it would be the design. Even passersby are likely to notice how impressively designed these gloves are. Trendy, well-made and definitely, cool, these are a few of those things where first impressions really do last.

These premium gloves are designed with a conductive material added on its fingertips to allow the user to still be able to use his phone even with them on. This is quite a handy feature for those modern riders that want to make sure that their connection to the rest of the world will not be hindered just because of the low temperatures prevalent around them.

Motorcycle patches are added to the palms to make sure that the user will not have a hard time gripping and holding surfaces with the gloved on. TPR is also used to get the knuckles duly reinforced. The pieces of fabric used to construct these gloves are ideal for those users that want to put on something that will offer the necessary protection for their sensitive skin. This makes it ideal for those moments when you have to secure a tighter grip to up the speed— something that can easily leave your hands dry when done more often.


  • You’d definitely want to still use your phone even with the gloves on. You’ll love how this pair is equipped with conductive material that will cover your index fingers to enable touchscreen use.
  • The knuckle areas are reinforced which contributes towards the gloves’ outstanding durability and that great feeling against your hands.
  • The pre-curved look is quite ideal for motorcycling and any rider who has tried these gloves on can easily attest to that.
  • Leather materials are used to make the padded palms. This allows you to secure a tight grip on your handlebars so you can get a good grip and control of your bike to prevent those road mishaps.


  • The gloves’ padding isn’t exactly made from premium materials and they tend to become flat over time, especially if you subject the pair to everyday use.
  • There’s also the problem about the gloves sliding too much, especially when gripping handlebars made of chrome. This does change over time the more you use them.
  1. Joe Rocket Wind Chill men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Having this pair on will provide you with a trusted ally that you can expect to protect you for years. Its long lifespan is mainly due to the excellent material choice. While many models out there are generally created using only a single fabric layer, this offering from Joe Rocket is made up of three.

The outer layer is constructed from supple cowhide that has been dyed in a drum. The middle layer is made from dry tech, which is waterproof. The third layer is made from leather reinforcements, which truly adds a touch of style and class to the final product. The palms feature a handy gel that can dissipate vibration, which is really ideal for those instances when you need to drive over roads riddled with potholes.

The gloves’ pre-curved design is ideal for the constant commuter. Since this is an insulated pair, you won’t have to constantly worry about keeping your hands warm and protected in winter. To keep the gloves in place, along the wrists there is a closure mechanism that features a hook and loop design.


  • One of the most noticeable things about the gloves is how beautiful they look— a manifestation of how the manufacturers are really looking out for the comfort of the people that will be wearing them.
  • The middle liner of the gloves is waterproof as it’s made of Dry Tech material, so you can trust that this pair isn’t only going to keep your hands warm but dry as well.
  • Another notable feature is the 100G Thinsulate layer that is aimed at keeping your hands from getting frozen on those very cold days, so riding in the wintertime need not be as inconvenient.
  • Thanks to the gloves’ pre-curved design, riding on a motorcycle will be nothing short of comfortable.
  • The closure mechanism on the wrists keeps the pair secure while also ensuring that your arms will be kept warm in cold weather, especially for those instances where you may be more exposed to the elements than usual.


  • Be on the lookout for those cuffs that may be a bit on the short side as they may not be able to offer adequate protection when riding during heavy rains.
  • Some customers have reported issues with the way the thumbs are designed as they might not be that comfortable.
  1. MCTi Waterproof Gloves Thermal Winter

A brand that consistently offers top-quality products isn’t easy to come by these days. This is one model that you definitely want to check out before they’re all off the shelves. This windproof pair is made of polyester— which comes quite handy in those places where winter winds can get rather harsh.

They’re perfect for keeping your hands insulated so you won’t have to deal with cold and clammy hands when you’re out on those winter drives. More importantly, the gloves are designed to allow the wearer to flex their fingers, so even when you’re out at freezing temperatures, you won’t ever have to worry about being able to get your fingers moving. This is crucial since your ability to keep control of your vehicle as you pull those maneuvers will really keep you away from accidents.

Moreover, this is an upgraded model that comes with a thermal layer designed to trap heat, making it ideal even for those Alaskan winters. The pieces aren’t bulky and are designed to be flexible when in use. The three-dimensional curved fingers ensure a better grip and even enhances the gloves’ resistance to abrasion.


  • The 3M Thinsulate feature ensures that these motorcycling gloves are ideal for those riders that are constantly exposed to winter temperatures due to how effective they are at keeping the hands protected.
  • You won’t need to worry about the harsh winds too as it has a soft-shell made up of 3 layers, which will make sure that your hands won’t feel the cold no matter how severe it gets.
  • You can never question its durability too as this is very evident in the reinforced palms and fingers that are meant to prevent wear and tear.


  • While the liner inside the gloves is intended to keep moisture at bay, the quality is a bit on the sub-par side so it may not be as efficient even when drying sweat.
  • These motorcycling gloves are a bit bulky too which means that fitting them inside your pocket can be a bit of a challenge.
  1. Klim Kilmate Men’s Snow Snowmobile Gloves

This pair features a soft interior layer that will feel such a blessing for those days where cold rain and blizzards just pound you on one of your rides. Insulation, good looks and durability are easily evident in this pair so you can make this a handy accessory you can always rely on the moment the temperatures start to drop.

Thanks to its re-engineered design, this is an effectively enhanced model that features finger and palm reinforcements to provide you with better control when maneuvering your motorcycle in the snow. Add the proper winter tires to your motorcycle and with these gloves on, you won’t ever have to worry about the snow and the cold from bothering you.

The sturdy materials these motorcycling gloves are made of are quite evident and will give you the assurance that they aren’t going to easily wear out. You’ll love how easy they are to take off and put on too. The waterproof design ensures that water is kept at bay. This isn’t one of those pairs that will leave your hands frozen when it gets cold, so you can rely on it as your handy partner for those wintery rides.


  • The gloves’ Gore-Tex materials will ensure your hands won’t be left sweaty underneath. On the contrary, you will benefit from dry and warm hands with this pair on.
  • Positioned at the top of the fingers and the hands are 200g of 3M Thinsulate for that reliable proper cold protection.
  • You will benefit from the insulated palm area too, where 100g of 3M Thinsulate is used to ensure hand mobility.
  • You’ll also appreciate how the materials along the palm are designed for excellent grip, which adds even more durability to the pair.
  • These are a-breeze-to-put-on gloves and are equally easy to take off as well, thus providing you with maximum comfort.


The insulation along the insides of the palms may be a bit thin, so if you are constantly in snow and ice environments, it might not offer you with ample protection. The design is intended for maximum mobility though.

  1. ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves Warm Waterproof

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about this pair, it would be the steel materials reinforcing certain parts of the gloves. The knuckle areas are protected by professional alloy steel. This ensures that your hands will remain safe in the event of an unfortunate accident.

These motorcycling gloves emphasize on the user getting a tight grip, brought mainly by its high level of anti-slip capacity. This allows you to speed without having to worry about your hands feeling like they are losing control over the vehicle. The lines protecting the palm are made of non-slip plastic, making it ideal for use not only in winter but also in various other weather conditions.

Also, the product comes with anti-friction features with a design that takes quality into consideration. You can easily tell that this is a product that was created by riders for riders by the degree of understanding they have on what riders are likely to need whenever they are out in their winter adventures. What’s even better is that this isn’t just a set that will look good, it will feel good too.


  • The gloves boast of a special configuration brought mainly by pads made of steel alloy along the knuckle area to ensure that your hands are always protected during crashes.
  • They are also made to offer the highest level of protection, especially along the joints to help minimize injuries in the event of an accident.
  • The outer parts of the gloves are designed to carefully follow the hand’s anatomy to ensure maximum comfort when wearing them when riding.
  • Thanks to its anti-slip feature, the gloves work well during cold weather since you can expect that your hands aren’t going to slip when gripping the handlebars.


  • There’s some excessive fabric along the fingertips— something that not everybody might like.
  • Unlike other gloves, they are not pre-curved, which means that they may not feel as comfortable.
  1. Motorcycle Biker Premium Leather Thermal Full Glove

It’s a given that you will like this glove considering that it’s made from top-quality leather. In addition, it also contains high-density liner that will help keep you snug and warm when you go out riding on those long and very cold winter nights.

If you have a partner who is also equally passionate about riding, you’ll love how this model can be worn by both sexes. This helps you save on some cash especially if you both happen to wear same-sized gloves. It also features an elastic band along the wrists to help you get a good fit — thus, preventing you from having to adjust your gloves every 2 minutes or so.

In the event of something untoward like a crash or falling off your seat, your hands will remain protected, thanks to the knuckle padding.


  • If you’re looking for gloves that are durable as they are stylish, you’ll never go wrong with this pair. Made from 100% genuine leather, it‘s got a rather striking appearance.
  • The cold or harsh winds will never be a problem for you when you’re on the bike as these are gloves that will easily provide you with the protection you need in harsh weather.
  • These motorcycling gloves also come with extra padding along the knuckles so your hands will remain safe, regardless of what the outside condition may be.
  • You should have an easy time getting the pair adjusted to ensure a snug fit too. All you have to do is make use of its hook and loop closing mechanism that the gloves are equipped with.


  • It is ideal to use these motorcycling gloves for short trips only as they may not perform well when used in cold settings for long hours.
  • They are also not waterproof so if you have to drive in the rain, you may not get duly protected.
  1. BMW Genuine Motorcycle Riding Two in One Glove

These black, ideal-for-cold-weather hand protection would be perfect as magazine covers. They are attractive and they showcase a sporty vibe. Featuring a dual-chamber technology, they are ideal for use during cold weather. The chambers offer extra moisture protection while at the same time, ensuring breathability for wearer comfort so heat can effectively dissipate.

The pair also features waterproof and wind capabilities so snow and heavy rains will not be a problem every time you are out and riding in the open. The product also features kangaroo leather that is resistant to abrasion to ensure that the product will be more adherent and more effective at allowing the wearer better grip. The material is also known for being highly durable and it wouldn’t even weaken or wear out when used regularly for doing heavy-duty tasks.

Also, the addition of this super fabric into the design ensures that the gloves will be ideal for use on bumpy roads due to its shock-absorbing capacities. The leather material is also doubled along the edges to help transform the gloves into one reliable, non-slippery gear. The knuckles are also protected against damage by a plastic shell.


  • Users will love how breathable this pair is. This prevents your hands from feeling any discomfort or getting sweaty when going for those long rides on the bike.
  • The gloves feature internal lining that adds thermal insulation, leaving your hands warm and comfortable even with the gloves on for hours.
  • The outside layer is made of Gore-Tex membrane, which lends the waterproof capabilities to the gloves. This ensures that water and other weather conditions will not pose any problem when wearing the pair.
  • The gloves offer a tactile and nice fit which is further reinforced by the kangaroo leather to offer a tight grip without compromising mobility in the process.
  • There’s foam padding along the back of the fingers and this adds extra comfort and warmth to your hands.


  • While these are indeed well-made gloves, they may not be as sturdy as they look, especially considering the price involved.
  • It may not be a good idea to wear these motorcycling gloves in the cold for an extended period as this significantly reduces their overall performance.

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  1. Alpinestars Polar Gore-Tex Men’s Street Motorcycle Gloves

If you really want top-quality gloves that you can rely on during cold days, you need not look any further. This is a very popular option with features that every buyer will love. Equipped with insulation, this is a pair of gloves you’d love to have for those wintertime adventures. The gloves are made of breathable material, making it even more ideal for those instances when the temperature goes up.

The pair also features a stretch fabric made of polyamide which is known for its malleability and elasticity. Goatskin leather is used to reinforce the palm regions to help provide that grip to allow you to handle your two-wheeled vehicle efficiently even when it’s wet. The product is also waterproof.

The outer layer is foam-padded, which effectively provides resistance to abrasion as well as added protection in the event that you do suffer from a fall. This is a product that offers considerable versatility which will help keep your hands protected and safe in the event of anything untoward while you’re out in your riding adventures.

The pair has a reasonable price tag which gives you all the more reason to get one.


  • The unique design is what really makes this pair stand out. It effectively combines the polyamide fabric with goatskin leather to reinforce the palms.
  • These are gloves that will really keep you warm in the winter since it features a Thinsulate layer at the gloves’ back to keep it cozy and warm.
  • The exteriors are made of a Gore-Tex membrane which keeps the gloves breathable and waterproof so you can ensure that no matter what the weather conditions are, you’ll still get to enjoy a perfect ride.
  • The abrasion-resistant feature of the gloves helps improve its durability while providing you with the necessary amount of grip.
  • You’ll love how the finger area has been made with a pre-curved make-up which is effective at reducing fatigue that most riders are likely to feel when motorcycling for extended periods.


These motorcycling gloves tend to lean on the small side. See to it that you will get the size of your order adjusted accordingly to ensure a good fit.

  1. Dainese Mig C2 unisex Gloves

Dainese came up with a pair of gloves that everybody will love. The top-selling point that will really convince buyers this makes for a worthy investment is the fact that this is a pair with adjustable straps in the cuffs. This will help make it possible to get the product adjusted accordingly to ensure a snug fit. This is one well-made pair and it is evident that it is manufactured and designed by a manufacturer that really respects the standards set in the industry.

The palm area is made from synthetic suede. Cowhide leather is also used to ensure to give it the sturdiness necessary to help it resist wear and tear more effectively. The inserts are made of mesh fabric which lends a level of breathability to the fabric. This makes the pair ideal not only for use in cold settings but in hot weather as well.

The product is ideal for use in the winter thanks mainly to the fact that it has excellent insulation capabilities. It has polyurethane pieces along the knuckle area, which guarantees that the hands are safe and duly protected from micro-aggressions. These are gloves made by a trusted and famous brand and users will love the variety of sizing options available for all the different riders that may be interested in owning it. The model also comes in accents of black, along with some red accents.


  • The best pair of gloves must be a snug fit. This is quite an exception for this particular model though. The easily adjustable cuffs and elasticated inserts will make it possible for you to successfully get the right fit.
  • You won’t have to deal with the usual fatigue that riders often have to deal with since it comes with a pre-curved finger design that effectively traces the anatomy of the hands to avoid straining them when gripping and controlling the motorcycle’s handlebars.
  • Users will also appreciate the combination of mesh and cowhide fabric in designing the gloves, providing it with excellent breathability— making it ideal for wearing no matter the weather condition.
  • The wrists are highly comfortable, which ensures that you can wear them when riding for hours without any unwanted discomfort.


  • The gloves tend to be a bit small, so it is always advised that you check the size chart before making your order.
  • Remember that these aren’t waterproof gloves, so you cannot expect them to be as impeccably effective when worn during a downpour.

Winter Riding Gloves Buying Guide

If you wish to get the best winter riding gloves that you can wear in the cold weather, you need to choose the right model with the right features that will keep you comfortable and protected when the weather conditions get challenging. You want to get an optimal pair that will make it possible for you to get on your two-wheeler and ride it for hours in cold weather without having to worry about your hands freezing in the process.

Passionate riders know too well how important it is to find the right accessory. It matters that they will find the right accessory and they know that to do so means they need to take note of a number of factors first. When it comes to motorcycle gloves that you can use in the cold weather, you need one with proper insulation, is waterproof, and one that’s made from durable and weatherproof materials.

Choosing the Right Style

The market offers a wide variety of styles for gloves that will be safe for you to use when riding in the winter. Cold weather gloves are most ideal for use during the winter. Most of the time, the pair comes with a dual fabric layer that is often reinforced in certain areas. In most cases, these items are created using impermeable textiles. This keeps your hands dry and comfortable even in winter.

When it comes to motorcycle gloves, they are longer than wristbands and they are designed to create a hermetic chamber to ensure that the heat will not escape. In the summer, the ideal gloves will be the fingerless style. These are often made from leather and are designed for comfort to allow your fingers to move easily.

However, these aren’t the kind of gloves that you will be able to wear all throughout the year. These gloves also don’t have any padding or armor bits along the side. This means that if and when an accident will happen, this will leave your hands and your fingers exposed.

The cruising style is another category worth looking into. This is quite broad and most people regard them to be just average products. Comfortable and lightweight, they are ideal for regular everyday use. Unfortunately, they are not designed to keep the hands warm in the winter, mainly because they are designed with ventilation holes.

Importance of Proper Fit

Proper fit is necessary if you wish to ensure comfort and due protection with your winter riding gloves as well as make sure that it will look good too. Gloves that are way too loose can cause the reinforcements to be pushed off those parts that they were intended to protect in the first place. The glove can also end up coming off during rougher rides, especially if it’s leather.

A piece that’s way too large will not only be annoying, it can also distract your attention when driving— something that you do not want when you’re driving since motorcycle riding exposes you to considerable danger. Also, it is irritating having to keep adjusting the edges of your gloves. On the other hand, when your gloves are too tight, they can dig into your skin over time and can hurt, especially if you expect to wear them for long rides.

Gloves that are too tight can prevent the bloodstream from properly flowing into your hands. When this happens, you might experience a loss of feeling which will result in you loosening your grip— something that’s not very ideal when you are trying to maneuver a motorcycle. See to it that you always try the gloves you’re interested in for a proper fitting. The best choice is one that will make you forget you’re even wearing a pair even in winter.

Also, if they do feel tight initially, you need to remember that leather products— if your gloves are made of that, will take time to break. Eventually, they will adapt to how your hands are shaped and will feel more comfortable, this is also why the pair that may be in your correct size might feel a bit too tight and uncomfortable at first.

Go for Waterproof Pairs

Experts suggest that a pair of handy winter gloves need to be a part of a rider’s motorcycle gear collection. If you have made the decision to invest on a premium pair, see to it that the gloves will be waterproof. This is crucial to allow you to keep a body temperature that’s going to be comfortable enough.

If your gloves allow water to seep through, then it would be next to impossible to keep the right body temperature. In some cases, the material could freeze and will even feel like a hard rock. This will prevent you from flexing your fingers as well as gain control of your vehicle. This will likely make you vulnerable to accidents.

Also, when your hands feel cold, they could hurt, swell, ulcerate or become dehydrated. This only goes to show how crucial wearing winter gloves is. More than just a mere fashion statement, it is one accessory that will keep you safe while driving. This is why you must focus on looking for sealed seams that can serve as barriers to prevent water from seeping in as well as materials that can retain their breathability.

Avoid making your own winter gloves by using a water-repellent paint or spray on your pair. The procedure will not work and you’ll just end up ruining the pair. In addition, waterproofing isn’t really going to work unless you ensure that there is proper insulation. Besides, a pair of winter gloves aren’t really that expensive, to begin with so there’s really no point trying to DIY.

Crucial Aspects to Consider

In most states, wearing motorcycle gloves isn’t really mandatory. However, you should never underestimate the importance of their role in terms of keeping your hands from freezing when riding in challenging weather conditions. If you prefer not to patronize leather products, you will find that the market offers a number of eco-friendly options that will still help keep your hands protected come wintertime.

The stitching of the gloves will play a crucial role in ensuring its durability and comfort. However, most of the motorcycle gloves that are intended for cold weather use you can find in the market these days are designed to be well crafted. A lot of companies have even chosen not to mention the stitching style of the gloves they are selling, especially since the advances in today’s technology have rendered them useless to buyers. But if you really want to be detail-oriented, you want to look for products that have been triple-stitched or even just double-stitched at least.

If you’re a gadget and technology lover, you’d certainly want to use your smartphone while you are on your bike. You’ll be glad to know that the market currently offers a wide variety of options that will make it possible for you to use your phone without having to remove the gloves.

Glove Length

For motorcycle gloves, longer will always be better. Long-cuffed gloves, also referred to as gauntlet gloves are ideal since they will not only protect your wrist, but they will likely keep your elbow safe as well.

In the event of a slide, your sleeves can sometimes ride up which will leave your wrist area exposed to the concrete and other sharp objects. This is where a longer glove is going to be most helpful as this will allow you to stay protected. Wrist straps would make for a nice addition since this will make it easier for you to get the gloves adjusted accordingly.

If you’re confident about your sleeves not riding up or you’re not the kind that gets easily annoyed with gloves that have extra coverage, then you may be better off wearing short-style gloves. A short pair is better than not wearing anything at all. Short gloves will make it possible for you to move about easily and help with the mobility around your wrist area.

Easy Cleanup

If you are keen on keeping your gear clean, you’d certainly want to make sure that your gloves are comfortable to wear, provides safety and are also a breeze to clean and maintain. Whether it’s summer or winter, motorcycle rides will always involve dirt and dust. Expect that your gear will likely end up getting all dusty when you get home.

Consider finding winter gloves that will have washable materials to make it easy enough to get them cleaned on the regular. Leather gloves are ideal for keeping your palm, fingers and your hands warm and comfortable. However, they do require specific cleaning products for maintenance. Thankfully, finding them is easy these days as the market offers a variety of solutions to ensure that your leather gloves will remain in the best shape.

In the event that you do want your pair to feature a textile design, then cleaning shouldn’t be hard to do. Just follow the cleaning instructions provided in the packaging.

Quality and Budget

The best pair will offer protection, comfort and warmth for those instances when you’re on your bike. With so many choices available, it can be time-consuming to pore through all these options. On the flip side, there will be plenty for you to pick from and the possibility of you finding the right choice will be more than possible too. This will also mean that you will have options of varying prices so you have the option to go for cheaper or more expensive models.

Price can be affected by the specific materials use and its overall quality. While it is possible for you to own a pair of winter gloves for cheap at $15, if premium gloves are what you prefer, the numbers could reach as high as $200 or even higher. It does get tempting to go for the cheaper models so you can spend less but if you’re planning to ride your motorcycle often during the winter months, you will likely find yourself wanting a new pair. Cheaper products do suffer from less durability because of the lower quality materials used to make them.

Durable and more expensive gloves are more likely to keep up with more frequent rides. Sure, the initial costs may be higher when getting them but you will find that they won’t need replacing as often. Over time, you will have saved more, as a result.

In addition, the quality of the motorcycle gloves will make a huge difference in how they would feel. Higher quality ones will usually have a massive difference in the level of comfort, warmth and even protection. It is always better to try these gloves out before making the decision to buy them. This will help you decide whether they’d feel nice when worn.

Riding Style and Various Other Considerations

Winter gloves are supposed to keep you warm which is why they need to feature a design that is both heated and windproof. The products falling into these categories, however, may be further divided into a number of categories to successfully match the variety of riding styles and scenarios you will be exposed to.

You may also want to get top-quality gloves that are heated and have windproof properties that will benefit from the comfort and warmth of having them on. However, if they are not flexible enough, they won’t be that much functional. This is why you must consider the specific riding style and setting that you’re likely going to be exposed to before placing the order.

The market offers touring ADV, street and race gloves among others. There’s a reason why there are so many models of gloves for you to choose from. This is to ensure that every category will offer a variety of benefits that will meet the specific riding needs of those that will be wearing them.

This also means that you’ll likely need more than just a single pair that will be appropriate for the different riding styles that you’ll be making in the different types of weather conditions you’ll likely be exposed to.

Consider the different types of climates you will likely be exposed to when on these rides as well. During winter, you will need gloves that are windproof, waterproof and heated. The right pair will leave your hands dry and warm and will protect your fingers, knuckles, and palms in the event of accidents since they do come with extra padding.

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Picking the Right Size

Just like any product, winter motorcycle gloves will be available in a variety of sizes. Some will even be designed with adjustable parts to allow a comfortable and perfect fit. Textile and leather gloves are never going to be enough to keep your fingers protected and warm. They also need to offer enough comfort so your fingers can easily move and enjoy some enhanced flexibility.

Being able to choose the appropriate size is crucial. Gloves will usually come with a European or an American fit, depending on where you are. European fit tends to be longer and thinner and will offer just a limited room along the palm areas. The American fit is known for leaving more rooms around the fingers and the palm.

However, note that there are gloves that will likely lose their fit after having used them a few times, depending on what materials they are made of. Leather gloves tend to stretch to about 15% more from their original size after just 20 hours of wearing them.

The right pair will feel snug around the fingers, palm and wrists. There shouldn’t be any feeling of loose material in these parts of your hand. Also, your fingers must be able to fill out the tips of the gloves you’re wearing.

When you buy online, you will not be able to try the gloves out. In this case, you can first take your measurements to make sure that you will order the right pair with the right sizes. Just use a measuring tape, lay it on a table and lay your palm down along the top and the widest part. Do this with the other hand and consider which of the two will have the greater number. Remember that your hands may have slight differences in measurement. It is always better to choose the bigger measurement.

If you are buying gloves which size is based on the hand’s circumference, make sure to have the tape wrapped around your palm. Measure the area right behind where your knuckles are and make sure that your thumb is not included. Whatever numbers you get, just compare it with the size chart so you can choose the right pair.


How do I choose the right winter motorcycle gloves?

Size is a crucial consideration you need to look into when choosing gloves that are the right fit. You’ll also need to decide whether you want one made of fabric or one made of leather. Leather does appear to be more appropriate for winter wear but these gloves aren’t really waterproof.

Gore-Tex material appears to be more superior and will make for an ideal option for those winter rides. Look for models with excellent insulation so your fingers will not free when you have to keep control of the handlebars for a long time while riding in the cold. Do not forget to check for insulation but not to the point where it will sacrifice mobility.

Are winter gloves really necessary for winter riding?

You will likely feel tempted to just wear your sunny weather leather gloves when going for winter rides. However, there is really a need for your gear to get upgraded if you wish to have the necessary protection against the cold. Winter gloves are designed to feel warmer and more comfortable to wear because they have built-in insulation that will keep your hands from freezing.

Also, summer gloves tend to be more focused on mobility compared to winter gloves. This doesn’t mean though that the bulkier the gloves the better they are for winter use. You should also consider getting those that are of the right thickness to still allow your hands some flexibility and mobility. At the same time, they also need to offer proper grip since you will need to be controlling the handlebars for the entire ride.

Are winter gloves for motorcycles waterproof?

When picking a pair of gloves for winter riding, you need to make sure that the pair you end up with will not only be warm but waterproof too. They should at least be resistant to water— something that is true for leather as they tend to be resistant to water but they are in no way waterproof.

Keeping your hands inside cold and soggy gloves when riding in the winter is just asking for trouble. This is why you need your gloves to be properly waterproof and to ensure maximum protection, this needs to be a requirement.

Are winter gloves for motorcycles heated?

It’s not common for winter gloves to come heated while there are those that skiers wear that have the necessary heating elements. If you’re planning on riding your motorcycle in the winter, these types of gloves may not be the most ideal option to go for. This is because these ski gloves are generally bulkier. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just leave your hands cold when on the motorcycle. You just need to find a pair of gloves that will be waterproof, windproof, and an insulation layer so your hands are prevented from freezing.

How cold is too cold when riding a motorcycle?

There are motorcycle riders that might not really mind having to be out on their motorcycles in winter weather. However, there will always be a point where it gets way too cold for anybody to engage in these activities. When the temperatures get below zero, riding is no longer recommended as this is the point where ice will form which would mean it will be harder to control your two-wheeler.

You have to take into account how cold it really feels outside. Unlike a car, a motorcycle isn’t really going to keep you protected against the cold. The air will be much colder around you as you travel on. Without the proper gear, you are likely to end up having hypothermia.