Top Ways To Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle

The motorcycle community is divided on whether or not it is okay to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. The sense of hearing is important so that one rider can communicate with other riders on the road.

Riders are allowed to listen to music or podcasts while riding a motorcycle. Some modes of listening are safer than others.  The top ways to listen to music while riding are:

  1. Using a motorcycle stereo system
  2. Using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

It is heavily discouraged to use ordinary headphones because they will block out your sense of hearing entirely. They are also unsafe and even illegal in some states like California, Hawaii, and Illinois.

Music is a great way to keep you entertained on the road, especially for long drives. You can enjoy it without compromising your safety as a rider.

How To Listen To Music While Riding

There are two main ways by which you can enjoy music while riding: through a motorcycle stereo system or by using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Stereo System

The stereo system is the speaker system of the motorcycle. A lot of motorcycle models have built-in stereos. Others are aftermarket kits that are installed. The stereo system can be connected to your phone or iPod through an audio jack. Just be sure to place your device on a phone mount to avoid distractions. Other stereo systems can be connected through Bluetooth.

device bluetooth motorcycle

A stereo system is a great way to listen to music because you’ll still be fully aware of your surroundings. The music will be played through the speakers so you can hear it along with the other sounds on the road. The volume and bass intensity can be adjusted to your comfort levels.

The only downside is that the other riders on the road can likewise hear your music. You will also undoubtedly turn heads as you zip down the road. This can be a distraction to other people which is why you should be mindful of the volume and the type of music you play.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This is a more private way of listening to music. The speaker system is installed within the helmet. It is connected via Bluetooth to your phone or MP3 player. This eliminates any hassle from wirings or cables.

The helmet has external buttons that are easily accessible. You can press the button to connect a device, adjust the volume, or play the next song on the list. It is easy to use so that you won’t be distracted from driving.

If you don’t want to upgrade to a new motorcycle helmet, you can customize your existing helmet through intercom systems. The most popular ones are from Cardo and Sena. These are intercom packs that you attach to the inside of your helmet, between the lining and the shell. They connect to your device via Bluetooth so that you can play music. The built-in microphone also enables you to communicate with the other riders on the road.

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Additional Rules

device bluetooth motorcycle

There are rules to ensure that you stay safe even while you are listening to music on the road.

For Stereo Systems

Remember that the other riders can also hear what you are listening to, so be mindful of the type of music you play. You should keep the volume as low as possible so that you could still hear the sound without being too distracting.

Turn down the music completely when you are approaching checkpoints or inspection posts so that you can communicate properly with the officers in charge.

It is also advisable to consult the legal limitations for volume in your state. Some areas limit it to a hundred decibels only. Most importantly, do not let the music distract you. You should always keep your eyes on the road and constantly check your rearview mirrors.

Do Not Use Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Some riders try to get away with using noise-canceling headphones underneath their helmets. This is very dangerous because it completely blocks out any noise from the environment. This makes you less aware of your surroundings. Only use the approved ways to listen to music and nothing else.

Benefits Of Listening To Music

Listening to music while riding your motorcycle is extremely beneficial, especially if you have a long road trip ahead of you.


Some motorcycle road trips can stretch for hours. The scenic view can get tiresome pretty quickly. The monotony will bore you, so it is handy to have an entertainment source.

rider standing sunny day

Keeps You Alert

Seeing the same road for hours on end will quickly become monotonous. This monotony will make you feel more relaxed than you should be as the unstimulated parts of your brain go on autopilot mode.

This is dangerous on the road which is why music is beneficial. Some upbeat songs can help you feel more awake and active. This will keep you sharp and focused on the road so that you can react quickly to avoid accidents. The mere act of singing along to a song or gently bobbing your head to the beat can keep you awake.


The audio system can be used for more than just listening to music. You can use it to listen to podcasts so that you can entertain or educate yourself. You can also use it for your GPS navigation systems by setting your mobile navigation application to voice-activated. These apps include Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. The directions will be told out loud so that you no longer have to repetitively look at your phone screen for driving directions.

Another benefit of having a stereo system is you will create a rolling entertainment system. A high-quality speaker system will make any hangout enjoyable. You can power it up at the end of your drive and enjoy the scenic view with your friends while playing good music. You can also use it for any other instance you need good speakers – lounging by the beach, having a picnic with friends, and more.