How To Start A Motorcycle Club: A Clear Guide

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Motorcycle clubs are communities of passionate riders and bikers that are united because of their love for their motorcycle. There are plenty of these communities that exist all over the world, from local units to international organizations.

Anyone can start their very own motorcycle club in their area for as long as there are potential passionate members. Other technical needs that you need to provide include a mission statement, a cause you would like to support, clear branding (name and logo), and many more. You should also research before you establish your own club. There might be pre-existing clubs that have strict regulations on the existence of new ones.

Step-By-Step Guide

This section will discuss the steps you need to do in order to form a motorcycle club.

Conduct Some Research

It is distasteful and counterintuitive to start your own motorcycle club when there is a pre-existing one that you can sign up for or simply revamp. That is why it is important to conduct some research first before getting started.

Identify if there are local or nearby clubs that may have regulations that disallow the existence of other motorcycle clubs within the area. They may also be an entirely different motorcycle club from what you want to establish.

You should also conduct a survey if you will even get members if you started one. You can consult the local shop owners of motorcycle shops. Ask them if their customer base is expansive and willing to sign up for an organization that aims to appreciate motorcycles and the art of riding them.

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Other things to check during your research should include the specifics like what type of club you wish to establish, what the organization will stand for, and many more.

Know The Type Of Club

There are two main types of motorcycle clubs: riding clubs and motorcycle clubs.

Riding clubs involve members who like riding their motorcycles. This type of club is usually open to other clubs that are based on brands or motorcycle types. The members usually gather to take road trips together or to discuss different riding styles that are related to the type of motorcycles they own.

A motorcycle club is the more official type of organization. The members are usually identifiable through uniforms or special vests that exhibit the name and logo of the club.

A motorcycle club is so much more elitist and exclusive compared to riding clubs. This type of club can only exist upon consultation with its super organization. These clubs are also very specific about their location.

Establish Your Branding

Your branding should clearly capture the essence of your motorcycle club. This includes an uncomplicated and memorable name, a striking logo, and a mission statement. All of these should perfectly reflect the core principles of your motorcycle club.

The logo or emblem should accurately reflect the core elements involved in your club. You can do it on your own or hire a professional designer. Make sure to arrive at a clear logo as this will be placed everywhere, from memos to motorcycle vests.

Remember to be cautious during this process. Avoid anything offensive and disrespectful to the different sectors of society. This will give your club a bad name and it can also make you face legal issues.

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Mission Statement

Your mission statement indicates your intentions as an organization. It is the primary distinguishing factor that sets one club apart from the rest. It also serves as a guideline for all of your future endeavors as an organization.

This doesn’t have to be super complicated. You can start with focus keywords that can pertain to brotherhood, public service, and more.

Start Recruiting Members

The members are the participants that will uphold the core values of the organization and turn the club visions into reality. The primary standard for their admission is their passion for motorcycles.

Start with a couple of friends and family members who share your interest in motorcycles. This is convenient because you no longer have to go through the vetting process since they are already familiar to you. They can also reach out to their own circles and bring more people in.

Take advantage of the Internet. You can spread the word about your club through the different social media platforms. There are also online forums that you can look at so that you can get targeted niches for inviting more members.

You can also go for the traditional route of giving out flyers in your local area. Place the flyers in the spots that bikers and motorcycle riders frequently go to, like bike shops, race tracks, motorcycle bars, motorcycle retailing stores, and bike rest shops.

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The flyers can also double as a registration form. Make the aspiring applicants fill it out so that you can get a record of their personal information, contact details, as well as their specific interest in the motorcycle world.

Elect Your Officials

Electing club officials can generate a sense of bureaucracy that will help keep your club organized. This divides the tasks to certain point persons so that the club will become functional and cohesive.

You can determine the elected officials by holding an election among the members. This democratic approach allows everyone a chance for a seat on the board of officers and to campaign for themselves. The list of officers includes the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and road captain.

It also helps to appoint a medic, an emergency repair specialist, and even a chaplain. These are optional but may come in handy, especially if your club has a lot of members with diverse needs.

Official Registration

Now that the club has a coherent structure, it is time to move to the next phase which is to officially register it. Registration makes the club a legal and valid entity in the eyes of the government.

You can register as a non-profit non-governmental organization. The registration requirements vary from state to state, but you can expect your draft to include the basic details about your organization, like your mission statement, your bylaws, and your goals.

Move Forward

Set aside some time to plan the future of the club. You can brainstorm different activities that you can do as a motorcycle club.